Stop talking, stop talking now

By Username - 17/07/2011 15:21 - United States

Today, I had to endure a long story about how and why my brother shaves his pubes. FML
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because it's necessary.

Ahahahahahaha at least you didnt walk in on him doin it


well... why does he?

what a hairy situation

one word comments are for retards

Tell his girlfriend this information as revenge.

well.. we all want to know, why does he?

You can totally use this information against him. (6)

You seriously just couldn't have walked away? I would've done anything to make sure I didn't hear that.

Yea I don't get how OP HAD to endure it. Was he/she strapped down or something?

one word comments or for retards

maybe op just wanted to get their fml posted

it's called brotherly love, embrace it! but don't embrace him, that's creepy. lol

why didn't you just say "Ew no stop talking" then walk out

He shaves it to make his penis look bigger.

maybe they were in a car or on a plane or a boat and op couldn't help but listen.

He does it to impress the ladies. (; No one likes coughing up hairballs after getting intimate.

he does it cause he is trying so hard to be a man .O.

112- cos it's manly to shave you're pubes...

is op a boy or a girl? Cos if they're a girl that's just sick.

129- its not manly so much as more attractive.

if OP is a girl, they should tell their brother a long story about how they got their first period.

Manscaping should not involve a razor. You're supposed to trim it, not shave it. IDK why your brother shaves it.

a lot of men shave their pubes. most girls don't like gorilla dicks. and I personally don't like having osama bin ladens beard drooping off my sausage

I'm guessing you mean "are"? Oh the irony.

155- Amen to that. I think I love you.

why thanks 168. but unfortunately I don't believe in love at first comment reading. I'm flattered though!

Bahaha damn. Well I guess I'm out of luck then.

-170 -171 I smell a one night comment stand!

no, but my dog likes your dog. he wants to go car chasing together and maybe pee on some fire hydrants

There's sure alot of penis going around here.

so keep it in your pants

Oh im sure my dog would love that. She's a little nippy though, watch out.

hide ur razor.... don't say I didn't warn u when u find pubes in it...0_o

don't lower fml's already lenient standards by using the slur 'retard.' thanks for being an ass

Wtf is the point of a 1 word comment. it tell nothin you idiot

Wtf is the point of a 1 word comment. it tell nothin you idiot

nope, in soviet russia, he's actually first

ewww that's personal

I totally posted that under #2 >=( Failphone

The comment got deleted, so yours got posted in the nearest one, Mr. Wombat.

Omg neville longbottom killed Voldemorts snake and that helped Harry kill Voldemort!!! Oh and Ron's older brother Fred and snape died:(

^ Book has been out for three or so years. Most of us already know.

Anyone who complains about Harry Potter spoilers is just sad. People have been tslking about what happens in the last movie for three years now, get over it, read a book. Books are your friends!


You, sir, are an idiot.

Don't read 42's comment because it has no dang relevance to the FML. OP, how the hell is a story about the hows and whys of pube-shaving long? Were you tied down and forced to listen? My curiousity demands satisfaction!

Hey!! atleast he wanted to share tips with you. I wish I had those tips right now, it feels like a wookie's reunion down here.

at least heis gettin sum.. jelous much?

You should have said.. "So the girls can see it better" ;)

Maybe someones overacting a little bit, I mean it's not rocket science it's just shaving his pubes how long can it possibly be? unless you're brother is chewbacca or something

None of you guys once mentioned number 2's post... But... #2 thanks for pointing out the obvious.

111- "rocket science"

Are you giving him some? 0.o

because it's necessary.

Manscaping must be done.

Yes, indeed a must! Goes both ways.

from experience, girls dont like man forests. that is why.

like a bisexual haha, someone had to

I'm thinking the story involved a girlfriend with braces

I think completely bald is kinda gross...?

I don't mind it bald on my guy. Or trimmed. It's like a changed hairdo. Lol just needs to look kept!

i like when girls shave it where it is a straight line down the middle.. i think its called like a landing strip design?

it's a vag-eyebrow

makes me think of a little kid

Ahahahahahaha at least you didnt walk in on him doin it

Ha ha XD At least if OP walked in on the brother shaving, it would only have lasted seconds. Think the speach lasted for longer than that!

it makes the incest easier!

-127 Yes, incest, that's what we were thinking.

at least it wasn't OPs mom

that would have been more interesting. especially if the startle reaction caused him to slice instead of trim.

Yes, incest is wonderful. Every incested parent should be proud of their crack monkey looking kid. SMFH dumbasses these days. Imma 'bout to have a BF.

I hope you were taking notes...

stewie:go ahead and say no to this but, would u shave my coin purse?

Ahaha I love this comment! Funny, Sarcastic and a bit of gross-ness hidden in there. The perfect combo.

Saying 'lol' is not appropriate over the age of nine.

did you like the story?

maybe cuz it's a lot easier to masturbate haha

And it's easier if you drop stuff down there, like frogs, or cats.

Or finding that last strip of bacon from breakfast last week.

Pussy I understand but what's up with the frogs?

Don't you hate it when frogs get in there? oh well I guess me and George Bush are the only ones.