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  kewlkate  |  9

Hey, regular bowel movements, baby! That's got to count for something! He's probably just one of those strange people that's proud enough to display it.

  destroyer69  |  0

No what needs to be done is she needs to switch her # with a girl he likes or if he is in a relationship his wife/gf and then he will be sending the pics to the wrong person.

  outoftown  |  26

#5, Your profile says you are a mom and have visited FML 160+ times... and you don't have a strong stomach YET?!

On the other hand, FML is a great dieting device.

By  Feared  |  9

Start sending him pictures of something you know will gross him out, after every picture he sends you. That should stop him. Try reddit. You'll find some Helpful photos there.


Is that what it is?? I couldn't remember! I thought it was the brother sending pics of his own... I knew it looked familiar though. 2 people that do the same thing that's gross!