By poopexperttt - 07/09/2012 07:12 - United States

Today, my brother started a new tradition: sending me pictures of every poop he takes. FML
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Every piss I make, every shit I take, I'll be texting you.

Email filters exist for a reason. Start sending his emails straight to the e-toilet.


Email filters exist for a reason. Start sending his emails straight to the e-toilet.

Unless he sends them via texts. Then you have to glance at the shit before deleting them.

Every piss I make, every shit I take, I'll be texting you.

Tell him you're sick of all his shit.

Start a new tradition and post it on his Facebook wall

18 - -Oh can't you see, this turd came from me. -Please stop sending me these, will ever leave me at peace?

That wasn't funny, I assume. :/ Sorry if I phrased that wrong too. English isn't my first language.

makeupjunkie 5 anyone?

Wow! That shit sounds amazing :D

habibiiiiiii 2

Op should get revenge by taking his phone and sending the pics to everyone in his contact list

18- 69th liker of your comment. f*ck yeea.

Love the song reference lol

62- fifth thumb down of your comment. Boss status.

37 - "Look at my brother's poop!" Everyone: "uh... cool story bro?"

kewlkate 9

Hey, regular bowel movements, baby! That's got to count for something! He's probably just one of those strange people that's proud enough to display it.

Return the favor.

No...just no...that's a "wrong address text message" FML waiting to happen

Return to sender.

Post in on Facebook or something and then tag him in it

No what needs to be done is she needs to switch her # with a girl he likes or if he is in a relationship his wife/gf and then he will be sending the pics to the wrong person.

onealmxwilson 18

Wow that's so weird. My brother does the exact same thing to me...

K410 18

Ya by "dumping" him :D

jenniiienyc 5

I thought my brother was weird. He's got nothing on yours.

My brother is 10x worse than this :/

3yellowzebras 19

My bro does this with his boss, now that's wierd

Your profile just screams American.

jenniiienyc 5

Is that bad?

In your case, yes.

jenniiienyc 5

Oh yes. How dare I love things that sparkle. I must really be a doozie of an American. Judgmental people aren't the greatest:)

flutter4 7

I just threw up a little

#5, Your profile says you are a mom and have visited FML 160+ times... and you don't have a strong stomach YET?! On the other hand, FML is a great dieting device.

Start sending him pictures of something you know will gross him out, after every picture he sends you. That should stop him. Try reddit. You'll find some Helpful photos there.

TheDrifter 23

Might I suggest the photos section on various viral and fungal infections of the nether regions?

There actually is a subreddit call r/lookatmypoop . Don't ask me how I know that.

outstandtacular 11

I'd just send him pictures of a blue waffle.

Nabee143 3

OMG if I got a picture of a blue waffle, I would barf! That is disgusting!

senbonzakura90 3

Well you're the poopexpert so I can see why

Hiimhaileypotter 52

This reminds me of the FML where the person's brother was a plumber and did the same thing.

TxCountryBeauty 10

Is that what it is?? I couldn't remember! I thought it was the brother sending pics of his own... I knew it looked familiar though. 2 people that do the same thing that's gross!

couturedoll 7

I'm seriously wondering how old your brother is.

makeupjunkie 5

Sounds like someone needs to block their bro-ha.

Clearly your family has issues haha

Nope, just the brother.