By Tireddddddd - 31/07/2011 05:45 - United States

Today, I got back from camp. My camp-mates? A girl who refused to shower the entire week, a girl who threatened to hurt me several times, a snorer, my princess of a sister who took forever in the mornings, and a counselor who watched us sleep. FML
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And a fifth camper who complained the whole time.

At least it's over and done with..


At least it's over and done with..

What camp was THAT?

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and you forgot to mention yourself, the complainer. of course your sister would complain, who wouldnt want to beat you up, the counselor was watching you to make sure you wouldn't complain and the snorer was just trying to block you out xD

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And let's not forget the reason that girl decided not to shower!... The next post can tell you why that was..

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the timid girl didn't want to shower because she knew you'd start complaining and wanted to avoid a fight :S

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And then there was you. The girl who stared at everyone else the whole time while taking note of their various quirks.

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and then there was you. the creeper who watched from the window cabin watching me watch the other girls and their various quirks.

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my uncle watches me sleep:0

Wait if you're getting back from camp, then wouldnt that be a relief, not an fml? But whatever, hey op you survived. Good job.

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You should have stared back, with huge eyes and various eyebrow movements :3

the whole night just stare at him until he stops watching you... the rest of the girls i don't know what to do about sorry FYL

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I assumed the counselor was a female too.

iSitt 0

I assumed the counselor was a female too.

I guess you cann have too many women!

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I hit Send once, then it crashed and double posted.

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don't worry , i'm sure only the girl who was snoring like a bear got molested by the camp counseler.

And a fifth camper who complained the whole time.

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Spot on, you legend.

You WIN at comments!!!!!

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lmao. damn straight!

Did you spot a wild pedo bear in the forest?

Pedobears are endangered species, they once lurked in forrests, but they migrated to closets of prebuscent teenage girls..

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help save the pedobears by leaving your children outside at night. The ursa pedoficus will do the rest

+1 for you 78 for using the correct Latin name, well played good sir.

No silly pedo bear was clearly the counselor!

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and the wonderful sounds of nature made everything better right? just ignore the snoring thats not nature.

YDI for going to band camp.

She said camp not band camp

It was a joke ass fuck.

It still didn't make sense 13.

Umm I was the first "band camp comment" but not the last so keep reading. Maybe if you had a sense of humor it would make sense?

mduffy08 8

well your "sense" of humor is really shitty if you ask me, queer bait.

mduffy08 8

what the hell? I commented to 39 and somehow my comment was posted as 35.

I think you mean "rhetorical".

58 , you are failing sooooo hard lol

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Was there a flute involved?

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Or a trumpet?

Notice whenever 58 posts it gets thumbed down o.O

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha idi.

Thats because he is a little bitch that tries to knock the superiors from their pedestals prematurely. Come back when you're funnier and then we can fight for most insane person on FML.

Lmfao btw I'm a girl and what the fuck are you talking about? Go ramble somewhere else. Thanks

Why don't you go be an idiot somewhere else?(:

106, why don't you go to since you're 12?(:

iBxCeelss, you got to be intelligent to make good jokes and insults so obviously you aren't intelligent. Your hair color blond by any chance?

Lol well you see that 106's remark was so childish and immature looking that I clicked on their pro. I was then shown that indeed they were childish and immature. I couldn't help but to stoop down to their level. Oh and if you're going to try and talk shit, at least spell my name right.

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Chill. You are digging a deep hole for yourself.

iBxChelss, if a 12 year old calls you an idiot, that's when you should realize you owned and have mental problem.

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We need more people here to thumb-down the comments that aren't buried yet. For you people in college, you can count it as volunteer work/community service. ;)

Well I don't see how everyone

Well I don't see how everyone thinks I'm the bad girl but whatev. But I must say a few things...first of all, I didn't think my stupid fml comment would blow up into an argument. Second, I love to have the last word in an argument so shit I could argue with each and every one of you for 10 years. And third, at the end of the day, I'm still gonna keep my head up and continue to comment fml's that I feel I need to. This is not over... ;)

ibxchelss, you did not need to reply, if you didnt reply, this argument wouldnt have happened. so basically youre an immature attention whore troll failure, you brought this upon yourself, and you are digging your own grave... i just hate trolls like you...

Technically this wouldn't of happened had 7 not started it, and everyone else had kept their thoughts to themselves. So before you call me names, remember that you all are the "immature attention whores" that started a fight on fml and still continue to comment about it. So I'll end this shit with a fuck you and have a nice day(:

At least there wasn't a girl who tried to seduce you all into a huge lesbian orgy. Although that WOULD fulfill my fantasies...

You've tried to post 35 FMLs?! Holy hell dude, do you get shot in a different spot each week or something?!?!

Well I do try and post about small, annoying stuff, but they never get through. I feel like I should at least TRY and contribute to the FML community.

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#113 i would like you to explain to me how in the hell that makes him a creep.. k? thanks. have a great day!

148 - 113 was calling 85 a creep, not me.

And that would be creepy how?

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Dude What kind of camp is this That sucks

I thumbed up for Gir :3

Sounds like you had an amazing time!

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I agree rage guy, I agree

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Win. ^^