By defrauded - 08/03/2013 18:44 - United Kingdom - Oban

Today, I bought a textbook for my college class. Not only is the £150 book only sold by our teacher, it turned out to be a piece of shit that he obviously wrote, printed, and stapled together at home. When I went to the faculty about it, I was told it's all perfectly legal, and to drop it. FML
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You can't trust the system! Throw it on the ground! Okay, I'm sorry.

Buy it, then take a picture of every page, put it on the Internet charge 1$ for an acc. Make money.


Burn it in front of the professor. :D

The professor probably wouldn't care anyways, after all, he still got her money...

I like 2's thinking. It's still disrespectful, just like what the professor's doing. Respect is a two-way street. If he's not going to give it to OP, he doesn't deserve it back. Although, going that out of the way to try and disrespect him might be a little drastic.

Nah, photocopy it mass produce it and sell it at £20 a peice

This is only the beginning, you will soon find out that the world is filled with selfish greed

Buy it, then take a picture of every page, put it on the Internet charge 1$ for an acc. Make money.

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Or partner up with a group and make photocopies:)

34- The perfect 3 point plan. Idea, Market, Profit. You'd pass an economics class with a model like this. Except that it's illegal, but no one's watching them so who's watching you?

On one hand, very smart, recouping the losses, on the other, the prof can sue you for copyright, since you are making a profit from it. What I would suggest is that, the whole class only buys one book, scan it to PDFs, and distribute between classmates discretely.

I doubt the book is copyrighted because the professor printed and stapled it together at home. Scan away!

That's genius and fullproof... OP should definitely do that.

Hey, they have the power to give or take that passing grade to let you graduate. With great power comes great responsibility...and apparently publishing rights.

In the UK, the teacher does not decide on your grade, they mark your tests, but a handful are sent off for moderation to ensure he is giving fair grades to everyone.

Shovw the book up the professor's ass, since the book is full of shit.

I feel as if that's a "last resort" course of action.

According to OP, he pulled it out of his ass. It would only be fair to put it back where it belongs.

Well if he wrote it, he will probably teach out of it. And if it's a piece if shit, like you claim, at least it will be easy to study and past his class?

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College professors love selling students their book and then never actually using it just to make extra cash

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No, because in England it is a national test, so if the teacher teaches the wrong thing, you'll fail the test

Some publishing companies give rewards to professors who require their book. I had a few classes that we never even needed to open required books for the course.

The great higher education system at work! I had a professor in a masters' level BA course require we purchase a $60 'manual' at a copy center.... turns out it was all photocopies of articles from business magazines, some over 20 yrs old!, and I later found out he got 50% of the sales back in his pocket! Of course, he didn't lecture on any of the material, and it was never in a test. Oh, and the 'manual' couldn't be sold back as a used text, of course!!!!