By defrauded - United Kingdom - Oban
Today, I bought a textbook for my college class. Not only is the £150 book only sold by our teacher, it turned out to be a piece of shit that he obviously wrote, printed, and stapled together at home. When I went to the faculty about it, I was told it's all perfectly legal, and to drop it. FML
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  DanielT1994  |  19

I like 2's thinking. It's still disrespectful, just like what the professor's doing. Respect is a two-way street. If he's not going to give it to OP, he doesn't deserve it back. Although, going that out of the way to try and disrespect him might be a little drastic.

  ironichalibut  |  24

34- The perfect 3 point plan. Idea, Market, Profit. You'd pass an economics class with a model like this. Except that it's illegal, but no one's watching them so who's watching you?

  license2chill  |  5

On one hand, very smart, recouping the losses, on the other, the prof can sue you for copyright, since you are making a profit from it. What I would suggest is that, the whole class only buys one book, scan it to PDFs, and distribute between classmates discretely.

  fleckney26  |  25

In the UK, the teacher does not decide on your grade, they mark your tests, but a handful are sent off for moderation to ensure he is giving fair grades to everyone.

By  Ebola_fml  |  20

Some publishing companies give rewards to professors who require their book. I had a few classes that we never even needed to open required books for the course.

By  lubbockgaymale  |  7

The great higher education system at work! I had a professor in a masters' level BA course require we purchase a $60 'manual' at a copy center.... turns out it was all photocopies of articles from business magazines, some over 20 yrs old!, and I later found out he got 50% of the sales back in his pocket! Of course, he didn't lecture on any of the material, and it was never in a test. Oh, and the 'manual' couldn't be sold back as a used text, of course!!!!