By UnidentifiedFun - 31/01/2015 18:22 - United States - Troy

Today, I got hit between the legs with a kayak. FML
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UnidentifiedFun tells us more.

Alright, some of you need clarification.. So my friend and I were paddle boarding/kayaking (she had the kayak), and I decided to backfloat in the water for a bit, as it was smooth waters and a relaxing day. But alas, my friend thought it would be hilarious to full-steam ahead into my crotch. Needless to say, it was a painful experience.

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I wonder if it would hurt more to be hit by a kayak oar a canoe.

That still fucking hurts though


Well at least you're a woman.

That still fucking hurts though

You don't need testicles for that to be painful, you know.

But there would be higher multitudes of pain if you did indeed have male parts.

Interesting fact; the clitoris is made from the same tissues as the tip of the penis.

You don't feel getting hit between the legs with the tip of the penis.

Well.. No.. I didn't say that, did I?

You implied it

Something fishy about this one

Ouch. Hope it didn't hurt for too long, OP. :(

That's a fishy tale

Who's there?

Canoe tell a funny kayak joke?

Kay-Yaking and start paddling!

"Knock knock Who's there? Kayak Kayak who? Kayak in the who-ha" That's how that should have happened, haha...ocd much? XD

must have hurt

No shit sherlock

Was there a little man in it?

Sooo much is missing from this story. The when,why,how

When = "Today"

@18 except every FML starts with today..

Would have made more sense if it was a dinghy.