By UnidentifiedFun - 31/01/2015 18:22 - United States - Troy

Today, I got hit between the legs with a kayak. FML
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UnidentifiedFun tells us more.

Alright, some of you need clarification.. So my friend and I were paddle boarding/kayaking (she had the kayak), and I decided to backfloat in the water for a bit, as it was smooth waters and a relaxing day. But alas, my friend thought it would be hilarious to full-steam ahead into my crotch. Needless to say, it was a painful experience.

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I wonder if it would hurt more to be hit by a kayak oar a canoe.

That still ******* hurts though


Well at least you're a woman.

That still ******* hurts though

You don't need testicles for that to be painful, you know.

But there would be higher multitudes of pain if you did indeed have male parts.

Interesting fact; the ******** is made from the same tissues as the tip of the penis.

You don't feel getting hit between the legs with the tip of the penis.

Well.. No.. I didn't say that, did I?

You implied it

Something fishy about this one

Ouch. Hope it didn't hurt for too long, OP. :(

That's a fishy tale

Who's there?

Canoe tell a funny kayak joke?

Kay-Yaking and start paddling!

"Knock knock Who's there? Kayak Kayak who? Kayak in the who-ha" That's how that should have happened, haha...ocd much? XD

gintwinsmoore 20


must have hurt

No shit sherlock

Was there a little man in it?

jojimugo 20

Sooo much is missing from this story. The when,why,how

When = "Today"

@18 except every FML starts with today..

Would have made more sense if it was a dinghy.