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  Urpoppy  |  21

#1 Your boss is a complete moron. No surprise there.

#2 In California it is illegal to penalize anyone for speaking any other language at work. This may be a state law or federal, but worth finding out.

#3 Your boss is a complete moron.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

102-that wasn't the point. The point was thy knew that at least in California people could not be penalized for this reason and was worth looking into if it applies in Minnesota as well.
Am I the only one who reads a comment twice at least to try to understand a comment fully before I respond to it so I don't make an idiot of myself? (I know I am not, it just feels that way when I see so many idiot replays to comments that made sense if you thought about it using your brain)

By  erinchick1  |  7

Your boss is ignorant! My boss is Russian too!

  ConBroChilll  |  9

31- i bet you went to google translate and typed in that. if you want to actually speak russian like me or anyone else who does, actually learn the god damn language.

  TheMaster15  |  10

65 - actually, I have the Russian keyboard on my phone because I really want to get to learn the language. I have no idea what I said, for all I know I could've just told the whole Russian community that I like cocks.

  kakarot2  |  11

Actually Russian sounds pretty similar to spanish accent wise. R's for example are also doubled.
Of course, they are not similar enough to confuse them that easily.

  Feared  |  9

It doesn't matter. The most interesting man in the world ( Dos Equis ) can speak German in French. There is a chance that the boss can understand Russian in Spanish.


68- I've heard that and an offshoot of it, "Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups." Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. I'm not proud to admit I've watched that movie all the way through. Segal still did pretty well, though.


Actually, I speak fluent Russian. I've spent four years learning it. It's nessesary for my career choice. I also speak Chinese and basic Spanish, so I assure you I'm far from monolingual.

  rattusrattus  |  18

I did once encounter someone online who claimed that Spanish and 'Cryllic' were the same language. I hope the boss in the OP is not the same guy, because that guy was a conspiracy nut who hated everyone and thought 'the banks' backed the Soviet Union.

Probably not. It's worrying when I find myself hoping that two people are stupid enough to think Spanish and Russian are the same language though. :(