By Anonymous - 08/05/2014 19:52 - United States - Plymouth

Today, I overheard someone at the mall telling his friend, "So I'm going in for a brain scan." Trying to be funny, I piped up, "Better hope they find something!" Turns out that had been the end of his sentence, and the scan is to see if his cancer has spread. FML
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YDI. Total jerk move to say that to someone you don't know.

cjwayy 22

YDI. That's a pretty insensitive thing to say, considering you didn't know them and you didn't know the situation.


YDI. Total jerk move to say that to someone you don't know.

gingaa96 18

It's all about how you take it. It's a jerk move if he meant it like that, but he obviously was making a joke about finding a brain. Was it stupid and does OP deserve it? Yes, but it doesn't make him a jerk. Just makes him brainless.. No? Bad joke? Ok

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Even when it's someone you know, you should probably wait on the jokes until the finish that starts with "So, I'm going into a brain scan" comes to a COMPLETE end.

First off, a brain scan is not a good thing. Second, if you're getting a brain scan you DON'T want them to find anything, yes I get it's joke. And finally even saying that to a friend is ****** up, because like my first my point says, a brain scan is not a good thing. So OP ydi.

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98% of all FMLs that say "trying to____" are usually deserving.

Demig0d6 14

That's cold man... Like brain-freeze... Get it? No? Ok

joke or not OP, people don't get brain scans for the fun of it! It had to be for something bad. YDI.

cjwayy 22

YDI. That's a pretty insensitive thing to say, considering you didn't know them and you didn't know the situation.

hindsight is 20/20 pretty easy for you to judge someone..

Yeaaaa I definitely would never say anything like that to a total stranger so I'm okay with judging someone who would. Pretty thoughtless.

etoilenuit 15

Well when you hear someone say "I'm going in for a brain scan" it's pretty obvious what that means. Common sense will get you farther than hindsight..

Yeah, #115 it's very rare for someone to go for a brain scan if their brain is perfectly healthy

That's why you only say sarcastic asshole remarks to your friends, so you already know ahead of time if it's something serious that shouldn't be joked about.

That's why you shouldn't say things to people you don't know.

Chances are that people will talk shit half the time when doing this to a stranger. Turns out that, in relation to me, these chances are terrifyingly closer to 100%... so I try to keep my mouth shut. I feel your pain, OP, and it even hurts a litle bit, but YDI, no doubt about that :/

I'm sure speaking to a stranger in general is acceptable, but I see what you're trying to say here.

I definitely agree with you. I will admit I said "yay we get to find out if there's a space for rent sign in your head" to my fiance when he got an MRI on his head (wasn't for anything like cancer) but that was just my fiance and he knew I was joking. I would never say that to a stranger though.

YDI, this was not a conversation that required your input. And to make matters worse, that random guy probably thinks you've wished death upon him. Why say that to a complete stranger?

Why would you say that to a complete stranger? It just screams rudeness, and butting into something that isn't your business is idiotic.

People that try to be funny are never funny.

As evidenced by a lot of comments on FML.

olpally 32

Way to go dumb ass. Stay out of other people's conversations. YDI x1,000,000

I think it can be one word or two, so it's kinda pointless to correct someone about it.

olpally 32

My spelling is correct on that word. I don't know what you're trying to prove. Both ways are correct from what I understand.

I think you need a brain scan op. And I better hope they find something...

They'll find OP's foot stuffed in her mouth.