By youdontknowmewhy - 29/06/2015 07:42 - United States - Keller

Today, I was called a selfish brat for asking for a pillow as my birthday present. FML
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unless the pillow is made of solid gold then they are a selfish brat. FYL

There's nothing wrong with wanting a little comfort in life


There's nothing wrong with wanting a little comfort in life


Such a brat for wanting to be comfortable!!1!1!!1!

Hold down the shift bar when hitting the 1 key. Don't put ones in with exclamation points, dude

It's part of the joke m8

I did it purposely, but thanks for the advice

Please explain the joke, because despite my many attempts, I just don't get it.

It's sarcasm, but I didn't want to put mind the sarcasm because I'm lazy so I just added ones with my exclamation marks

Oh my god shut up it's just a few ones chill

33- using ones with exclamation points is used to express sarcasm. The idea is you are so super excited about something that you accidentally add ones to a series of exclamation points because you are mashing the keys as you type.

Never heard of the 1's for sarcasm before.

Thank you 45. I always wondered how so many people did that without wanting to fix it.

Or if you're on mobile you could always just hold the exclamation a bit longer to get ¡ But I think the ones suit sarcasm better.

we used to use (!) for sarcasm. . the 1s male more sense

this joke is outrageous!! too many 1s!!! :p

unless the pillow is made of solid gold then they are a selfish brat. FYL

I wish I had more information about's just a pillow.

I am sure it was a large textured body pillow. That's what my daughter asked for.

Agreed. Context would be good here.

Happy birthday OP, that's not selfish, at all. Unless it was diamond encrusted..

selfish for wanting comfort? only in texas

Easy there bud, not all Texans are like that

It says OP is from Colorado...

I wonder why they called you that. Everyone deserves a nice pillow. Don't be offended OP, just overlook them.

FYL how hard is it to spend $20 on a pillow for someones birthday. They are the selfish assholes.

leogachi 15

Where are you spending $20 on a single pillow? You're paying too much for your stuff.

I mean, I have a body pillow in my dorm that was 15 and then another 10 for the cover. And even still, 20 isn't a lot for a birthday gift, especially if it's something practical.

ThatOneChick856 36

I just know there will be commenters saying "ydi because //I// never expect anything on my birthdays because I'm an adult and nothing is free in life so get over it and blah blah blah." But OP, that's not selfish. If it's okay and common in your family to mention what you'd like for your birthday, then they're being huge jerks- especially when you asked for something that's only just borderline basic luxury.

That seems unfair OP. I can understand if you just got new ones before hand. But it sounds like that's not the case. Also there is a loop hole, ask for just plain cash for your birthday and buy yourself a pillow. Or maybe some gift cards to places like Target or Bed Bath And Beyond.