By blackchin III - 20/06/2014 21:00 - United Kingdom - Edinburgh

Today, a fly landed on my face. Before I could even react, my brother "helpfully" punched it hard enough to both kill the fly and knock me out. FML
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Maaska 16

If it was a spider this would've been justified

Well... At least he didn't miss the fly!


Maaska 16

If it was a spider this would've been justified

Did it "fly" by your mind that OP would still be knocked out and probably get allergic to spider insides smashed on the face?

Probably get allergic to spider insides being smashed on the face - that... That was so terrible... I laughed so hard.

incoherentrmblr 21
CockAsian 14

Was there supposed to be a pun involved in that?

Yes, and I thought it was pretty "punny"!

Can you explain, I'm still trying to figure it out...

Keep on trying. You will get it right one day :). For now just get buried.

BassTurdo - You know that saying "If at first you don't succeed, try try again"? Yeah, ignore that and just stop.

More like "If at pun you don't punceed, pun again."

Oh ya? Well pun pun pun, punning punasm.

Wizardo 33

This BassTurdo guy is literally like a fly. Buzzes around you and gets you annoyed, goes away until you don't notice and ******* comes back again... never seems to find the open window to piss of either.

As I like to say, that's puntastic! So are flies!

Well, maybe you think it's "punny!"

At least he never hit you in the face with a bug zapper.

I'd like to hear the adventure behind that.

You gotta take for the team sometimes...