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Today, I told a cashier I always bullshit with that I was getting a new tattoo. She shook her head and said, "Honey, don't get a tattoo. You'll look like a whore." I already have five. FML
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having a tattoo does not make you a *****, get all the ink you want, just make sure you get something you'll want forever

ohrlynow 9

That's ignorance at its best. Last I heard, selling sex made you a *****, not having tattoos.


everyone that argues over tattoos is a ******* moron. basically everyone in here.

having a tattoo does not make you a *****, get all the ink you want, just make sure you get something you'll want forever

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even if you hate it, artists are always able to turn it into something else, like Mr Squiggle!!!

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hey Sammy... I think your shirt... (puts on glasses) is ripped.

yea thats true. i have on tatyoo il never regret it.

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I have four and I feel the same way ^

sammy, how can you regret it? earlier you said you love it... I'm so conflicted...

wait, I misread it >.< curse my stupidity. I sowwy!

she didn't say tatoos magically turn you into a *****. tattoos look trashy, especially on women. (I'm not trying to be sexist but I am just expressing my opinion)

135 - Then I suppose to you tattoos on a male make them look like trailer trash, no? Hicks? Hillbillies? None of those? Okay, good. So you'll agree that tattoos look just fine on people and it's a matter of opinion whether you like them or not. Just because you think they look trashy doesn't mean the rest of society agrees.

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If you look at the risk of disease that comes with a tattoo then you'll realize it's always a bad idea

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I also agree I am covered with 20 tattoos and I'm deff not a *****..last time I checked a ***** was someone who slept around..might wanna check your facts before you run your mouth

137- Just because someone state his opinion doesn't mean that he expects the rest of the world to agree with him. FUN FACT: Definition of "opinion" noun 1) a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. 2) a personal view, attitude, or appraisal. 3) the formal expression of a professional judgment

Been thinking about getting a tattoo for years. Still can't decide if I should.

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That's ignorance at its best. Last I heard, selling sex made you a *****, not having tattoos.

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She didn't say that op would BE a *****, just that she'd LOOK like one. lern2comprehension before you call someone ignorant?

ohrlynow 9

Okay, grumpster, fair enough. Let me rephrase: it is ignorant to say that having tattoos makes one LOOK like a *****. It's not as though tattoos are exclusively associated with people who sell sex.

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anyone else nothice that FMLers can't use the word 'ignorant' correctly, almost as often as they can't spell 'their', 'they're', or 'there' the right way -.-

I knew what you meant no# 4. Besides, how do we know all hookers have tattoos?

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27-- Yes, I've definitely noticed that! 4-- you're absolutely right, technical or not =) 14-- are you trying to tell somebody to learn to comprehend? By saying it like that? Like, Really? and last of all, 39-- it's only called a tramp stamp when it's on a girl's lower back, get your info straight before you try to insult others.. okay, I think I'm done for now ;-)

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70 your a dipshit 

87 - You can't call anyone else a dipshit if you can't even differentiate between "your" and "you're".

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I knew what u meant #4. Grumpy ass people. Jeez

I agree. tattoos make you look like a hooker.

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So you're saying my mom looks like a hooker? Smh.

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damn, so the tats i'll be getting on each ankle for my parents will make me look like a hooker? such a shame... oh well!!! I'll be getting them anyways!

Depends if ur ankles spend much time in the air?

17: Yes, your mom redefines the look of a hooker. Congratulations.

32, win. I think tattoos are hot. but, if a girl has alot of tattoos on her body, I agree it does look abit *****-ish. but I guess it's up to OP.

It really depends on the tattoo and where it is. I don't like tattoos, but it has nothing to do with being a ***** if you get one.

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having sex in public, low cut shirts, profile pics of guys without shirts, too much makeup, ass hanging out of shorts, that makes you look like a hoe. my sleeve I designed to tribute the blessing of my son, struggles with self mutilation, and salvation through faith-not so hoe-ish. get out of the middle ages and let's all respect others opinions.

83: That would include respecting other's opinions that "tattoos make you look like a *****".

tattoos are awesome I got one they don't look bad at all

so the tattoo dedicated to the boy I raised as my own son because his parents were never around makes me a *****? **** you.

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I have plenty tattoos but every single one means something. I have no tattoos that are there just because I think they're pretty, so I have to disagree, tattoos do not make you look like a hooker if they actually mean something no matter how many you have.

83 I agree with you COMPLETELY! I wouldn't be able to have said that better myself! 146 I agree with you as well. Tattoos in a way are a form of art and they are means of expressing yourself. But in order for that they must mean something to their respective owners, otherwise you could consider it "trashy" I guess, and that's true or guys and girls alike IMO. I have several tattoos and plan on getting more. They are all my designs and all hold meaning to me.

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I don't know 83. I believe if you have a bunch of tats and peircings, you may not be a *****, but you look a bit like one

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Really? 5? Do you honestly need that many? I hate people that brag about getting tattoos. Who cares.

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Who are you to judge what's too many or too little for a person? How do you know OP doesn't have a significant, sentimental reason for every tattoo they have? I hate people who judge other people for their life/body choices.

I agree. a tattoo is up to ones self to have it or not. it'll be there problem, if they regret it in the future. I personally, think tattoos are awesome.

Again, it depends on the tattoos and the picture of them. If you have a huge tattoo of words reading "Doofus" across your forehead. Then you're an idiot or said doofus. If you have your husband's name tattooed on the top of your arm then it's sweet kind of. Unless he becomes your ex.

how is saying she's getting one bragging about it? also, a lot of people care and obviously you do too or you wouldn't have spent time commenting.

cheap tattoos make you look like a hooker..

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Exactly!! If you stay classy with your tattoos you will be fine. ***** it up tho = instant ***** look.

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**** every one love your self get tats

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Maybe it's that "**** everyone" attitude that makes you look like a *****. Maybe the tats just make it easier to spot? I mean, **** everyone is the definition, right?

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If I say "tramp stamp" everyone knows where those tattoos are located. Some people just don't understand the power of a tattoo. It's now come along way and is no longer as taboo as it once was. If you find something you want permanently on your body don't be surprise if some judge you for it. But it's your body so who cares. On a side note, I know peope that won't get hired because of their displayed tats so think hard on it's location. Also, who wants to be forced to wear long sleeve or a turtle neck when everyone else can wears short sleeves.

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but where you get them is your own choice, and you weigh the risks before you get them in such locations! I have 7, and they're nowhere in plain sight!

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If a workplace is narrow minded enough not to employ someone with a tattoo then its not a place I am willing to work (I dont have any tattoos btw) a few non offensive tattoos should not be a problem, obviously someone who has their full body tattooed like the lizard guy may cause a problem but its unfair to dissmiss someone on the basis of a few tattoos or piercings.

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No it's not. I like tattoos, don't get me wrong I have 2, but visible tattoos can look unprofessional if they're big/colorful/obscene/etc. Same with piercings. A company is also what's called a "private organization" meaning they can do whatever the **** they want and hire whoever the **** they want. People today seem to not understand this. If you don't want to work for a company that expects its employees to look and act professional then that's up to you but don't call a company unfair for having expectations of its employees. It makes you look immature and unprepared for the real world.

monnanon 13

Thats why I said non offensive tatts. Many companies have an outright ban which is wrong. Where i work we are allowed visible tattoos and piercings within reason and never has a complaint be made abot my nose stud or a co workers tatts. I think it is unfair for companies to discriminate on any grounds. It should be as simple as you have a good work ethic and the qualifications to do the job. People need to stop being so put off by those with tattoos and piercings.

Just throwing this out there: There are now many workplaces which hire despite the applicant displaying tattoos. What does that tell you? Workforces are becoming more accepting of tattoos in general. The only issue with tattoos that I've seen (experienced by an employee) is with offensive tattoos. That's it, that's all. Soon enough it'll be commonplace to have visible tattoos. We're already on our way there...

The lower back is a good place for a tat, I don't get why they're called tramp stamps. I want one either on my hip or my lower back, somewhere people can only see it if i want them to.