Creeped out

By Seline - 25/11/2010 14:48

Today, I woke up on the top bunk of my bed with the birds chirping. I felt so energized, I gave a big stretch, and my hand hit the ceiling. I accidentally pushed the ceiling board up and lots of tiny spiders fell on me and my bed. FML
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You took the term "raise the roof" too literally...



You took the term "raise the roof" too literally...

at least op didn't sing "the roof is on fire".

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and then beetlejuice popped out.

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Nothing wakes you up better than a face full of spiders.

Let them live on your face and do your bidding so that you can rule the world with your spider army

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I hate spiders too as a matta of fact I'm terrified of em been that way since I was little no joke

Bubblerider 3

if that happened to me, I wouldn't even freak out, I would just die right away.

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saame they scare and disgust the friction crap outta mee

I'd freak the **** out. In my panic, I'd probably sit up and smash my head on the ceiling too.

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At least you were energized to get away from the spiders :)

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that's grosssss. I hate spiders. D;

You don't live in Australia by any chance?

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oh great -_- As I was saying,why are you complaining OP,you just got free breakfast in bed.