By budussy - 30/03/2009 09:06 - United States

Today, I was at my boyfriends house and we were having sex. He has a game on in the background and one of his friends started talking to him. He immediately threw me off and said "I have to answer this." He went over to his computer and started talking to them. FML
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budussy tells us more.

He was playing eve-online and he had his speakers on listening in the background what other people were saying. Then one of them called out his in game name and thats when it happened. He did come back and finish though.

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I can't believe you let him come back and finish; how obliging you are :/

And yet you sleep with this bozo? WTF. Tell him he'd better find someplace else to stick his joystick.


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I'm going to guess that this game was World of Warcraft....and his friends were like, "Yo! Dude we need a healer/tank!!!" Is that what it was?...I've had this happen to me as well....very messed up.

probably was call of duty

I play Warcraft and I am not a virgin

WOW FTW!!!!!!!!

ok first of all most people see World of Warcraft as a nolifers game, personaly i play it and have friends, i go out, have a girlfriend and got laid. so all of you dumbasses who say "get a life and stop WoW" can go fuck themselves cuz having WoW doesnt mean anything, its just like any other MMORPG so piss off with the nolifer stuff

yay 160 it's fine you don't know that animation dosent count

lol its funny that u a ummm looks like an 8 year old claimin someone to be a vergin lmfao loser

You are too stupid to insult!

hahaha, what a loser! dump his ass

Seems kind of drastic

And yet you sleep with this bozo? WTF. Tell him he'd better find someplace else to stick his joystick.

his right hand XD

hey, it might've been important.

Dump his sorry a** and find someone who likes you more than a game #2 That sucks. I am convinced WOW is one of the worst games invented. It turns people into zombies.

you're not doing something right in the sack

lol thats pretty funny hes a nerd

You should do the same thing to him. When your phone rings while your having sex, just say "i have to answer this"...just like he did...and talk to whoever called you.