By fecurtis - 23/01/2009 08:36 - United States

Today, I went to Target to buy some soap and this 65-70 year old woman next to me was asking a sales associate if they had any bubble bath mix. I suddenly pictured her naked, bathing herself and suddenly my dick just couldn't sit still. It's probably because I haven't had sex in over 22 months. FML
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Wow.... that really did just go from MILF to GILF... lol.

Yeah dude. Wait til you hit three years and the holes in the middle of CDs make you start wishing your dick was smaller.


Wow.... that really did just go from MILF to GILF... lol.

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So freakin sick

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dude, i hope you never saw Yesman

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lol #6 hopefully this lady kept her teeth in :)

dude.... NICE XD

hilarious :D

thats ******...;]

haha atleast you're honest...i like you just for that man

bassguitar19 1

well are you at least masturbating?

lmao, wow thats gross. a freaking grandmaw? lol

Good thing she didn't offer you some hard candy after that!

Maybe you could offer her some hard candy. See what I did there?

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wat her dentures turn u on?

LMFAO Sorry, this will sound mean but... HAHAHAHAHA. That's so depressing! You poor thing!