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Today, I returned from a month-long stay in a psych ward for severe depression and suicide attempts. The first words my friends say to me when I call them and let them know I'm out? "Does this mean you're not gonna be so emo? 'cause that was really annoying." FML
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You mean "ex-friends", right? Tell them it's their fault you were in there. Bastards.

I am so sorry and I hope that now you are ok and on the road back to recovery. It annoys the hell out of me that when anybody shows any kind of emoiton they are considered emo, it's as if showing any sign of sadness, depression or any other emotion like that is wrong, its not it is an emotion and if not shown it can lead to dangerous circumstances and situations The next person who say "OMG I was so emo I cried today" I am going to SCREAM !!!


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Did you know that washing yourself in acid can reduce the risk of cancer? (When I see a troll, I shall give weird medical advice)

And what, exactly, is a 'proper reason' for being depressed? This wasn't an FML of her depression, it was an FML of her friends' response. Even if she doesn't have what YOU consider a 'proper reason' for depression, her friends don't know that. They don't know what could have happened in her life (and in all honesty, you don't need a clear-cut reason anyway. Shit happens, people get depressed, what's upsetting to them isn't upsetting to you, etc...) Clearly if she's upset enough to be in a psych facility for a month, she's in a rough spot. People don't just stay there cuz it's fun. Have you ever seen one? Even in a movie? They're not field trips. You don't just stay in one for attention. I'm sure you have read about some exception somewhere, so put it this way: if you DO stay in one just for attention, you have issues that need to be dealt with anyway. No friend should respond like that and mean it. End of story. However, they were probably just joking, so try to take it as such and see how they act. They just don't know what to say; it's kind of awkward and hard for a friend to deal with.

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you know your just looking for attention and should be shot when you have your name as EMOGURL! wat is your problem!

To #1-Kindly die screaming in a fire >.>

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See, acting like a drama queen isn't a symptom of depression. Some people, once they have a good day or a bad day, go around bugging their poor friends about it all the time. Heck, if you have severe depression, you're lucky you have friends. I bet you weren't fun to hang around with.

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People who want to kill themselves are usually too busy being DEAD to make these FML's. The word she used was "attempts". If she wanted to die, she would've succeeded, but instead she just wanted someone to pay attention to her and was too dramatic to just say so. THAT'S why this is annoying.

No necessarily. I tried to OD and collapsed, but I was found in time and taken to a hospital. I locked the door, and barred it, but no, they still got in. I haven't ever considered myself dead before but since you know all....

It IS possible to try and fail at suicide. She could've taken pills and had her stomach pumped, she could've slit her wrists and been hospitalized before she died. Just because someone survived a suicide attempt doesn't mean it wasn't a serious attempt.

I know that. I just wanted to make a point that it's also possible to intend to commit suicide, and fail, seeing as sadly a large number of people seem to be convinced otherwise.

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wow 96 how many times has that line been used? i don't think saying "first" is a good enough reason for someone to die in a fire. little harsh don't ya think?

Ewewewewew your nameeeee. If you can't even kill yourself right, then you have a good reason to try try again! If you have no regard for human life, especially your own, then you shouldn't be here. I'm sorry but I have no compassion for suicidal people. Call me a bitch, it's k I deserve it.

You really do deserve that name, but I'm thinking it's a little too good for you at this point. If you don't have depression, but you still are enough of a ******* idiot enough to say that, then you're probably less human than the puss leaking from a prostitute's genital wart.

lemme clear this up for you; my CLINICALLY depressed way of thinking about life; you live and you die, there is no higher power, no god, no magical happy ending. you suffer and go through shit for eighty or so years only for it to all be over anyway... so whats the point in struggling year after year, decade after decade when you die at the end of it? lifes a bitch, lifes not fair, lifes hard and we're supposed to get the **** over it. lifes a game and people that commit suicide are simply choosing not to play. your airhead, christian way of thinking; yaaaaaaaah, god put us on this earth so we could do his bidding with this jesus dude, the bearded man in the sky wants me to live, he may sound as fictional as santa clause but IDC COZ HES THIS GREAT DUDE. and my frieeends, and tasha and i are all gonna go have fun forever and shop in malls and anyone who cares that lifes pointless is like, so stoopid coz you should respekt human life coz of diz god! lets go pray! my opinion matters to everyone k cause IM ALWAYS RIGHT! yknow, just a guess but im definitely right. fine, dont have compassion, but at least we're not retarded enough to not have the decency to care for those who FEEL LIKE UTTER SHIT DAY IN DAY OUT AND SHUT THE **** UP ABOUT IT BECAUSE RETARDS LIKE YOU SEEM TO POPULATE MOST OF THE EARTH. dont breed, asswipe.

ugh i sent you a replyyy... and it failed. mmk shetbag. depressed view on life; the average life span is around eighty years. in those eighty years you will struggle, go through shit, have a hard time because "life's a bitch," "lifes not fair", "everyones lives are hard" etc etc. when you're going to die in 80 or so years anyway, why suffer? seriously, "life" is just not worth it, theres nothing good about it, theres no special man in a beard that loves you, you will go through life being hated as well as "loved", you will have a lot of hard shit to deal with, you wont be allowed much help for any of this anyway, you're just expected to get through school, get a good job, a house, a spouse and have 2.5 kids. but suicidal people are pretty much just saying.... well whats the point? lifes hard, im going to die at the end of it and i dont want to do it. i see life as a game and i stopped wanting to play it a long time ago. now your airheaded (probably american) view on life; oh yaaaaa, lifes like, amazing and special and its all so cool and me and tashaaa, we go shoppingg, and its all worthwileeeee, and im so not gonna die anywayyyy, lets all go to the mallllll, and laugh about how fun everything isssssss, anyone that questions why we're here is an emo whiny bitchhhhhhhhhhhh they should go diiiie. but god loves meeeeeee, he may sound as fictional as santa clause but hes REALLLLLLLLLLL! :D::D:D:DD you said something like "i have no compassion for those who dont respect life" or whatever right? practise what you preach, cause you just insulted about 5% of the teenage population. and basically told them that they should just go die. hypocrite.

Mmk. Firstly- so ******* what? Life is hard. Take a little bit of joy out of it, so that when you die, and there's nothing left of you, it isn't absolutely pointless. I don't want to live until I'm 80, but I don't really feel like dying right now. If I do, I do, too ******* bad, but guess what? There's no point to anything. Why do it? Because you CAN. Because it's FUN. Do you know what that word even means? Secondly- and I say this with an extreme grain of salt because my best friend left me the other day because I didn't believe in God, not all christians are like that. It's a lesson that I hated learning because I didn't want to have to tell which ones were bad and would hurt me, and which ones were good and would love me despite not believing in God. And not all americans are like that either. I'm american. You pretty much just insulted the 5% of america that isn't like that, just as said person insulted the 5% of people who want to off themselves because they don't think it's worth it. We are born, we "live" and we die. Some of us believe there's life after death, some of us believe there's reincarnation, and some of us believe that's the end of it, period. Personally I'm one of the last three... and you know what? What's the point of living if you don't try to see what living is all about? I pity those who look down on honestly depressed people, but I also pity the people who kill themselves because they gave up. And I hate the both of them for being the way they are(/were). Anyway, OP, your friends are jackasses. Find new ones. I'm sorry that you had to go through that (both the depression and the 'emo' bit).

so you hate me cause my brain isnt working properly and i cant live like you? nice. really. way to go. you gonna pelt disabled people with stones for not being able to run a marathon next, kiddo?

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Obviously you don't know your facts on suicide very well, go take a health class or something. There are many people out there who have survived suicide, idk what you're talking about. and btw she used the word "attempts" because she didn't ******* succeed.

#227, I bet if it were your friend or parent or brother or sister or whatever who tried to kill themself you'd have a different opinion. And don't even try deny it. ******* hypocrites.

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Why is everyones comment so long? Its a ******* website comment section, not a place to bitch about random shit like God not existing. Wtf are you doing with your lives?

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why do people get so excited about being first?! it's not like anyone comes on here and says "huh that person was first, they are so cool. I wish I was first" losers they need to get a life!

If you've got anymore of life, why do you care he got first?

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ydi for being an annoying little emo.

why did you edit your post? It originally said: "LOL 2nd" ...and I thought you were cool.

well YDI for being an annoying emo asshole

I hate that people are randomly trolling this post. I have also been in the psych ward for attempted suicide. I'm fine now, but it still makes me angry when people joke about this

exactly. depression and suicide aren't funny, and OP - you should know by now that what you need is a SUPPORT system, so ditch your asshole friends and head to some NAMI meetings or hook up with a depression community online. and if you were inpatient for the whole month, you should probably step down to a day hospital program and then intensive outpatient first.

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i agree with #142, emo kids are douchebag assholes. cut your wrists and black your eyes so then you do commit suicide

@266 i bet your girlfriend cheated on you with an emo kid and thats why you hate them, fyl right?

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Oh my god, everyone shut the F*CK up. I know it's annoying listening to depressed kids all day that really don't have anyone thing to ne depressed out. (my sister) But how can you be so disrespectful? The comment above me makes me wanna beat the sh*t out of that person. Seriously, that's not cool.

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I agree with #3, if they care about you they should support you through your difficult times.

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Aww Plexico, I just commented on another FML about how your comments always make me laugh, but this one makes me an even bigger fan of yours =) and OP, I pretty much can't say anything Plexico hasn't said here already. Hang in there! And forget your so-called friends. A few bad apples doesn't spoil the whole bunch, I promise you there's cool people out there who will be much more supportive of you! (Edit: what the freak? This was supposed to be a response to a comment Plexico made somewhere else but FML put it elsewhere...maybe it'll fix itself but if not, this is my disclaimer lol)

wow, you're a jackass. "Do it right or not at all?"

You mean "ex-friends", right? Tell them it's their fault you were in there. Bastards.

If you were calling out then hopefully you got what you were looking for. If not then stop being a drama queen. Either way this FML is crying about problems which you had the opportunity to correct. YDI

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Okay, I can understand how people are saying "ditch the friends; they're asses" or whatever, but you have to realize that people who aren't depressed don't exactly know how to deal with those who are. Personally, I would say the same thing if my friend came back from a pysch ward; not because I'm trying to be mean, but because I'd immediately assume that they'd be all better and back to their joking self. Of course, it all depends on how the comment was meant and how it was received, but as long as your friends meant no harm, I don't see the point in ditching them. It's a touchy subject, but what are you supposed to say? "Was the food any good?" Even then, people will think you're an insensitive douchebag. Don't only sympathize for the OP -- though she does deserve sympathy and I hope she lives a happy life -- but for the friends as well. Finding out that a friend is depressed can be stressful and it makes you wonder if you were any part in it. But maybe that's just me. :/

From the reaction and the fact that the FML was posted, I assume the friend comment wasn't exactly a light joke. And even if it was a joke, the friend should have taken a few weeks to check the mental state of the OP before attempting this kind of humor. I've had a few depressive episodes (nothing that sent me to the psych ward, but then again I barely ever leave my flat to avoid all social stress), and am lucky enough to have friends who understood despite never going through it. We now joke about my suicide attempt and the insane crap I've pulled in my "moments", but it takes a real closeness to do that without being hurtful. As for what to say to someone getting out of the psych ward, hopefully what you know about a friend should give you some ideas, even if it's naturally very difficult.

I went through 6 or 7 years of depression. I do understand, but those who attempt suicide often are calling out for attention. I'm not saying it's bad, because hopefully the hospital gave you the attention you need and helped you start moving on from whatever ailed you. Anytime you try to open a new chapter in your life you are going to have to turn your cheek and take the high road a few times. I think posting in FML was the wrong route.

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This is also a repeat, I replied to you earlier but it showed up somewhere else...maybe this time FML wont hate me and will do it right... Aww Plexico, I just commented on another FML about how your comments always make me laugh, but this one makes me an even bigger fan of yours =) and OP, I pretty much can't say anything Plexico hasn't said here already. Hang in there! And forget your so-called friends. A few bad apples doesn't spoil the whole bunch, I promise you there's cool people out there who will be much more supportive of you!

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ok... fml replied to the wrong comment. :/

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Why would you write that in a fmlo: yer gonna get negative feedback and be upset!

They were replying to a troll with en equally trollish comment. Which I, personally, thought was funny. So shut up! and the whole point is, bathing in acid will kill you, dumbass!

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Try telling people whether you have depression or are simply depressed in your FML. I have bipolar depression and i deal with it fine, but emos deserve to be called emo, especially if they don't have chemical depression and are just being ridiculous. I don't know you and have no idea what kind of person you are, but suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.