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Today, while being high for the first time after getting my wisdom teeth pulled, I called my dental assistant pretty before leaving, and then shouted, "I NEED TO POOP!" to the whole office. FML
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Well, you /did/ just lose what small amount of wisdom you had.

I don't need to be high for shouting that. Pooping is some serious shit.


Dude really? Anyways, I guess shit happens

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You just criticized a comment and proceeded to threadjack

I'm starting to wish there was an approval processes in place for first comment privileges. Can someone run this by Alan the next time he posts?

Well, you /did/ just lose what small amount of wisdom you had.

Couldn't you save this for 4 where no one would care that you just wasted one of the first 5 comments?

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Fortunately, Doc Bastard Industries is making inroads to the creation of a patented method to lose the tooth and keep the wisdom.

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As a person who's had a lot of surgery in his life I remember what I say and do quite clearly. I just have no idea why I'm saying it. Of course my family being supportive also video tapes me every time I come to after surgery for new comic material.

I don't get how this even happened? I recently also had a wisdom tooth removed, they just inject something that numbs the local area. what is the point of giving you drugs?

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#70, some people get gas used on them, because they don't like needles. For me I would prefer gas, because I hate the feeling of the needle in me. However, the gas is not as reliable.

Most people get put under general anesthesia, 70. You get local if your teeth are already erupted, and general if they're still under the gums usually.

I had all four removed at once, and they put me under (2 had broken the skin already) but I remember waking up and being absolutely infatuated with the ceiling tiles. So the part I am having trouble believing is that OP went to work that day.

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@83, I'm pretty sure OP didn't say anything about work lol. @85, yes I think it's safe to assume the dentist office seeing as OP just had wisdom teeth removed. :)

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People react differently to drugs, and wake up faster than others. Some people also have a local anaesthetic or laughing gas so they remember more. I had laughing gas to take the edge off and then was given an IV. I remember waking up in the recovery room, but my friend didnt even remember walking out to her car once she got done.

There's a local news anchor who said the same thing on tv and now a local radio station plays it all of the time.

I guess those teeth represented what little remained of your wisdom. Pulling them out was not wise at all.