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  \  |  28

Might as well start studying the area you live in, so driving will be super-easy. Give killer directions, too. Who knows? You might even be the next Ferdinand Magellan!

  MrSassypants  |  32

That is a nice idea, but it might lead to:
"Today, someone stole the GPS from my bike. FML."
On the other hand, it gives me another FML to leave dumbass comments. HOORAY!

By  BBWwonder  |  10

Well put it somewhere safe when you do start to drive that will be your golden light and bop your dad on the forehead why not get that when you're like 16 or 17 and staring to drive ?

  Ch_rae5  |  19

yeah there are alot of comments saying another present later will be the car but no one thinks about how he/she has to go get his/her permit

  XSimpleDesignX  |  18

I had a car before I even started taking classes.
OP may not want his car damaged, and bought OP their own to learn in.
Regardless if OP got a car or not should just be appreciative they got a gift at all. Let alone an expensive one.