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By Jess - 27/10/2015 20:16

Today, I called a doctor's office for a referral. I was in public, so when she asked me what type of issue I had, I mumbled that I had a vaginal issue. After painstakingly having to repeat this several times, she said she was asking what kind of insurance I have. FML
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It doesn't matter what others think or say about you OP. You shouldn't see any of them ever again

"The kind I can take to other doctors" OP.


Don't be a pussy, speak up

It might be embarrassing for some people to talk about their private issues. Especially in public. There isn't any problem with that.

I know I was trying to make a pun and from the looks of it, it isn't going over so smooth

That is kinda hard to do for OP.

No, no it is not.

RedPillSucks 31

it would have been better to say don't be a wussy, talk about your pussy. no? I'll see myself out.

Moosebandit 6

I get it

fpants2010 18

I hope you feel better OP! With both the embarrassment and the vaginal issue!

Guess you had to check your ears too?

In case you haven't read the FML yet, THE DOCTOR was the one who didn't hear her. So, maybe you could say it's the doctor's error, not OP.

For some reason I believe you need to go back to school and learn to read. The doctors office was asking her what kind of insurance she had, and she misheard them.

It doesn't matter what others think or say about you OP. You shouldn't see any of them ever again

Not necessarily she will have to face the receptionist

I think #6 was referring to the people around the op in public...

RedPillSucks 31

she could have been in public with people who know her.

True, she'll never see them again, so she doesn't need to be too worried, but some phone calls you should just wait to make in private—or at least find a quiet corner or something. The other day at the grocery store I heard some lady arguing with her sibling about whether to take their father off of life support. Maybe it's just that I value my privacy (or I'm a cranky old lady), but there should be boundaries.

Should have grabbed the phone and yelled 'Pull the damned plug!!' and hung up. Might not be socially acceptable but if they're making a private family matter public, then you get an opinion, also.

I know that can be embarrassing OP. Hopefully whatever private issue you have gets resolved!

I would have spoken up. Embarrassing, yes. But its not like you are the only one ever to have issues like that.

Or wait until you're not in public to make a call like that.

If only pussy insurance for men was a thing...

joeyl2008 29

I would just hang up and call a different Doctors office

"The kind I can take to other doctors" OP.

Please don't say that, ever. There's so many insurances out there, that we cannot possibly know which one you have. Each insurance has a plan, each plan has a BIN, PCN, GROUP number. And we have to figure it out, which takes time, that people don't have, that we don't have because we have other shit to do.

JustinJK 21

My dad's insurance is confusing. There's a master insurance company or whatever that contracts through other medical insurance agencies. My dental insurance is through the main insurance thingy but it's different than my other medical insurance, which is medical mutual or whatever. I always use the umbrella company name, but apparently that's not right. Idk lol

That is a lame excuse if I ever heard one, instead of keep making those, why don't you spend some time come up with ways to make it happen? You say you have no time and yet you are on FML, presumably other social media as well, you make way, and you become a winner.

So, he should use his free time off of work to someone how magically come up with the name and type of insurance some dimwitted (sorry, above, and yes, it is very confusing) potential patient has? Get the insurance card out and read it. You should always carry it on you, in case of an emergency, anyways. That's why they make them credit card sized and usually of hard plastic. You can also request extras for family that are covered.

So they don't accept vaginal insurance?

What about anal cover, if it is even a thing.

Pretty sure anal/vaginal insurance are condoms