By JaneChemi - United States - San Francisco
Today, I found out that I'm pregnant. My boyfriend thinks I'm faking the whole thing in revenge for the fight we had yesterday. FML
JaneChemi_fml tells us more :
hi guys. when I found out I ran out of the bathroom holding a pregnancy test screaming "holy fucking shit babe I'm pregnant". I'm not sure I can really do much else to convince him. wait.... how did I deserve this??
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  marcranger  |  28

There are pregnant women selling their used pregnancy tests on Craigslist. As little as I can imagine wanting to handle someone else's pee, OP's boyfriend might assume she really went off the deep end in her desire for revenge!

  Izabushel  |  65

People sell positive pregnancy pee stick tests on Craig's list. I had a patient who got her pregnant friend to pee on a stick so that she could try to keep her boyfriend. She then used the time she was allegedly pregnant, to actually get pregnant. Some people do really stupid things to stay in a relationship.


I knew a girl in high school who told her boyfriend that she was pregnant. A month or two later she told him it was twins and actually brought in a sonogram with twins in the appropriate stage of development for what she had told him. It was ridiculous and he was ready to drop out of school to support her and the babies until she told him it was fake. Apparently she wanted, "to be sure he would be there for me no matter what."

Some girls will do really, really stupid and cruel things.

  Codezlol  |  21

Well what happens when the woman comes clean or the guy finds out she was lying? Sure saying you're preggers might keep him around, but when he finds out you lied about that shit, he's gone! it seems like such a ridiculous and quite idiotic thing to do.

  just_jess7  |  13

#116- A "miscarriage" will clear that problem right up.

I really wish I was making that up but I've known multiple women who have lied about being pregnant, had quickie weddings, and then "miscarried" to cover their tracks.

  Izabushel  |  65

Like 123 said, sometimes a 'mysterious' miscarriage will occur, and wow what a coincidence, it's right when a period would be happening. Then they use that for further emotional blackmail to keep the boyfriend around for a little longer.

These tricks will only prolong the inevitable. It's a mean, manipulative thing to do. The ones who have the quickly wedding are despicable.

Some women have gone to great length to keep up the deception, such as kidnapping newborn babies from hospitals and telling their partners they gave birth at home. Or even worse, kidnapping pregnant women who are full term and removing the baby from the womb.

If anyone in a relationship doubt that their partner is pregnant, go to their ultrasound appointment with them. If you think that the person is faking and then has a 'miscarriage', a blood test will prove if they were pregnant. It takes a little while for the HCG levels to drop.

I also want to say that most women would never consider these tactics.

  C0M1C4L  |  9

if its her boyfriend its probably by accident. i feel bad that they have to go through that. from the looks of the passage she will probably be a single mother.

  coried91  |  28

I like how you were so judgemental of OP when all you read was the FML. I have been married for five years and had kids. I was never prepared for that and we're still struggling with it. Just because they're boyfriend and girlfriend doesn't mean she'll be a single mother.

  ohhotdamn99  |  6

Since when does marriage mean a person is going to be a good parent or an involved patent. Just because it is her boyfriend does not signify that she is going to be a single mom. There are plenty of people who are just boyfriend and girlfriend that make way better parents than a lot of married couples out there now a days.

On that note congrats! I wish you both the best of luck.

  JaneChemi_fml  |  21

I'm sorry #99 but kindly fuck off. I don't want an abortion but you're bluntly pushing your anti choice shit on me. it was bad timing to announce it. I'm sorry if that seems rude but I am strongly pro choice.

  gracehi  |  31

Thanks, Littlered, and you're welcome. I'm thinking people think a child shouldn't be deemed a mere rebuttal... Either that or they just don't get it. Maybe they don't understand the word "rebuttal" or "personified."