By Anonymous - 12/05/2009 17:39 - United States

Today, I took a call. Wrong number. A few seconds later, they called back and I told her that she had the wrong number. She said she just hit redial and didn't understand how she got me again. I tried to explain how redial works. She called me a moron and hung up. Then my phone rang again. FML
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Should have acted like a different person every time just to see how long she would do it for.

Just wanna smack people like that


LOLOL. that's a fail on her part. [: funny.

Well hi, are you blonde?

eh... look at it in the way of there are like tons of kids born every minute... you're bound to meet some of them. Especially if you are doing a group project or assignment that counts for a whole letter grade or that is all that is measured in your annual performance review. -Law of Dumbshits

omg annoying much..?

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211, what does her being blond have to do with anything?

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Clearly someone doesn't know how to use a phone. Lol that's annoying I feel bad for you.

im gonna try that :)

not bad me to haha

hahah wow, what a tard. not really an FML tho.

Ha ha wow just be happy your not that stupid.

some people are just dumb

That isn't an FML but an opportunity. The woman is obviously stupid, and you should play into that.

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Are you sure it wasn't someone messing with you? That you knew?