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Today, my girlfriend asked for me to come to her. Then move my head in close to her and close my eyes. Expecting a sweet and romantic kiss I positioned my lips for my surprise. My surprise wasn't a kiss, instead it was a nice crunchy booger she placed in my mouth with her finger. FML
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TO ALL: believe it or not my girlfriend is older then me and I'm 22. we have one of those immature/mature relationships. on a scale of 1 to 10 of being mad, I would say I was at an honest 1. on a scale of 1 to 10 of being surprised/humor I was at an all time 10. I got the booger out of my mouth and acted like I placed it in the trash can. 5 minutes later I wiped it on her lips. Not the same but good enough for me. Ive always told her that when you go digging for gold you should always share with the towns people. So she did, lol. I cant blame her cuz I would do the same to her.

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dating four-year-olds has that disadvantage.

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Surprise her with a huge slap as a sign of your admiration


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was a good one. hahahaha. sorry, that sucks, but it's funny.

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who the hell does that besides a like 3rd grader?

My chivalry would become non existent and id kick her in the face

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I know, seriously... I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but is your gf mentally disabled?

#113: No, OP just has a little snot of a girlfriend. (;

******* DUMP that bitch mate holy shit


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how did he know it was crunchy?

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drop that trick , time to getta new one

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That's really disgusting like I cannot see me even trying to act like that is in any way going to be okay

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I moderated this one. That's just nasty, dump her ASAP. FYL x5 Oh, I'm first?Nah, not anymore. But, that was nice.

Oooh, you modded this one? How exciting! Come here, let me give you a cookie. I'm so proud!

You're proud? I didnt know grannies went on fml.

I didnt know they allowed dumbasses on fml. Mustardnight is a fine example of why there should be an IQ test when making an account.

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that is horrifying, dump her nasty ass.

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Surprise her with a huge slap as a sign of your admiration

Maybe if he beat her more often this wouldnt have happened in the first place

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lol me too!! @ O.P. how old are you and is your girlfriend that she picks her nose and puts her booger in your mouth? With immature is she?? Cause if she's really that immature then maybe you should move on since thats just disgusting and everytime you kiss her you'll remmember it and think of her tongue as that crunchy booger and probably throw up on her. That is if you stay w/ her and ever kiss her again x.x

I was putting a contact lense right before I read this. I'm too grossed out to put the second one in 9_9