By Carowl - 05/08/2015 02:33

Today, my boyfriend told me he doesn't like cuddling in bed because he hates rebreathing his own carbon dioxide. FML
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JMichael 25

Not sure if legitimate excuse or really doesn't want to cuddle.

If it's a legitimate reason it has to mean that he doesn't like to cuddle, so it's either both or the latter ;) On a side-note, I also hate rebreathing my own breath. What comes out shouldn't go back in! (it's a lot worse with others' breath, of course)

I think that it is partially a legitimate excuse. I have asthma and usually hate having my face covered by anything (even a sheet) if it makes me feel like I'm breathing in my own air/less air. However, there are plenty of other ways to cuddle someone. So maybe a certain position or two is off the table but there should still be plenty of options.

I agree with everyone else, it is a legitimate reason. I cant stand it most of the time. The only person I can not panic with is my son, for some reason his and my air is almost fine with me, it doesn't make me want to fling myself away and gasp for breath. However, he can always be the little spoon, no rebreath there.

Inform him that the couch is a CO2 free zone.

I have to admit that the same thing ruins cuddling for me. I know it sounds stupid but it makes me feel claustrophobic... Everyone has their strange little quirks.

That's just a little extreme. If the boyfriend is anything like me, rebreathing his own air might make him feel like he's suffocating. It's warm, stale air and my body goes into panic mode if I don't get "fresh" air. I realize it's all mental, but it doesn't make the feeling go away, and it's not a fun feeling.

Also, if he owns the house it isn't really for her to tell him off.

Because the presence of someone else is somehow going to increase HIS carbon dioxide output?

dannnngthatsux 19

It's his input that he's worries about, not output.

lol worries, and yea i dont think you read it right

Whenever I read these kind of couples FML, I can't help but feel we're missing context clues about the relationship ._. I guess aside from this huge and obvious flaw, he's a swell guy, right?

leogachi 15

@4 How is this a huge and obvious flaw? As far as flaws go, I'd say this is small.

shmoooopie 29

I prefer to spoon the guy so I don't have to spend the night with a boner pressed against me

Boner doesn't have to be pressed against you. There's a nice warm wet place made just for them...

I love being the big spoon, plus I can roll out of it if I get uncomfortable. With being the little spoon, on most occasions, I have to contend with an arm and leg before rolling out of that one.

I don't like being the big spoon because I don't like the warm farts all night. But my husbands idea of cuddling is him putting his head on my stomach so I can tickle his back lol.

because when your face is so close to someone youre pretty much doing just that and it can sometimes feel uncomfortable.

HonestlyVirgoHonesty 7

That's the reason I don't like it as well. And I don't want to smell anyone else's breath all night🤮

doesnt he realize that he is rebreathing his own cardon dioxide all the time?

dannnngthatsux 19

Thank you matti! To avoid ever doing that you have to move location after every breath.

MikeonFML 17

There are only so many ways your head can comfortably be positioned while cuddling from behind, and oft they leave you with female hair or body reflecting your own breath back in your direction.

Make him little spoon, and if he complains then, buy an air tank.

Sheldon cooper is too smart to know that that is not viable excuse

Actually this is so something Sheldon Cooper would say as he's germaphobic