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Today, I found out that you can ruin a $500 computer with a few stray drops of 100% acetone nail polish remover on the keyboard. FML
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bettyc4 26

And that kids is why we can't have nice things.

Kind of common sense one would think.


Kind of common sense one would think.

bettyc4 26

And that kids is why we can't have nice things.

No worries. OP can rinse off the acetone with a bucket of water. Then to dry it out she can put it in microwave for a few minutes.

YourOpinionSucks 22

Actually, if everything is turned off and you remove anything that has a charge, you could clean your motherboard and other various parts with soap and water. Granted you can't soak that shit (you must be some sort of disgusting **** for NEEDING to wash it, and not spray with compressed air).

#43 actually that might help. I accidentally dropped the nail polish remover on my macbook air (and not just a few drops) then i turned it off and it wouldn't turn on (i pretty much gave up on it at that point because my sister dropped a couple of drops of tea on her macbook and it was ruined) then i held it under the sink and let the water run through it and then i covered the whole macbook with rice for a couple of weeks and now it works just fine except for the keyboard and i bought the wireless keyboard in exchange and i'm downloading a couple of albums on my macbook as i write this comment!

Since when a $500 laptop became nice...

Surely you can just replace the keyboard rather than the entire computer? How could that possibly cause so much damage to the whole thing?

laptops have replaceable keyboards.

#13 Yes, but they also have lots of components under the keyboard

Also acetone is different than other liquids. A drop in the wrong place CAN completely fry the whole motherboard

but it says computer, not laptop. think about that, maybe?

I don't understand how a drop on the keyboard could ruin a motherboard, unless it's a laptop?

@42 But a laptop is still a computer, if the OP were talking about a desktop they probably would have said desktop. Also, if it were a desktop, I doubt the OP would consider the whole computer broken just because a desktop keyboard was ruined.

@45 But a desktop is still a computer, if OP meant a laptop they would have said laptop; but they didn't, they didnt say either, they just said computer, so we'll never really know.. On a side note, I do actually agree that if it were a desktop, they would just have to get a new keyboard not replace the whole thing.

a desktop doesnt have a keyboard built into it like a laptop. desktop keyboards are wired in

#42, people usually call their laptops or notebooks "computers" and their desktop computers as just that, a desktop.

mds9986 24

51- the thing is, if it was a desktop, it's 100% impossible for acetone to ruin the whole thing when it is spilled on only the keyboard. If the whole computer was ruined as OP claimed, the only conclusion is that it is a laptop. At least with a laptop the acetone could get through to the internal components. However, this is only under the assumption that OP isn't dumb enough to think a ruined desktop keyboard = ruined computer and failed to realize the keyboard is replaceable.

42 - Do they even make $500 desktops anymore? If I ruined one I would be happy about it. Hell I'd do it on purpose to have an excuse to get a desktop that doesn't suck.

Nope, I call my laptop a laptop and my desktop my computer. Most people I know do the same.

Dandeloins 7

Ummm, have you ever put together your own desktop? You can actually put together a pretty decent computer for 500$ if you DIY.

A prime example of idiocy

Accidents DO happen. I work with software developers all day who eat and drink all around their laptops. If OP was using her desk to paint her nails, she could have easily accidentally spilled a few drops of acetone. Doesn't mean OP is an idiot.

49 One shouldn't even attempt to do something like a self manicure over a laptop. I wonder if she was following a cool nail design or something, but anyway I think that's what 4 means by idiocy.

MasterTron 24

Who said that the nails where being done over the computer? It could have been sitting near by and op could have knocked over the bottle by accident.

MasterTron 24

Who said that the nails where being done over the computer? It could have been sitting near by and op could have knocked over the bottle by accident.

77 the FML says a "few stray drops" so I doubt she spilled the whole thing. The way it's written sounds like OP was using the remover right over her computer/laptop, which is pretty stupid.

ribx 16

Maybe idiocy in the laptop they bought, someone spilt hot chocolate all over mine and it was perfectly fine

daydreamer244 13

Never do your nails over your computer. Never.

bad_boyfriend 10

A few drops of acetone would at most do some cosmetic damage to the keyboard. It might not be pretty anymore, but its definitely not ruined.

Maybe by "a few drops" she means the whole bottle of acetone, and by "computer" she means laptop. Otherwise I don't see how the entire computer would be ruined.

bad_boyfriend 10

Even if She meant whole bottle and Laptop, Acetone does not corrode metal or silicon. It is a solvent. The only thing it could have possibly damaged was the plastic.

liquid damage getting into the laptop is apparently not an option?

bad_boyfriend 10

Acetone evaporates at room temperature. It wouldn't do any lasting damage like water would

I feel like it's common sense to not do your nails over a computer.. YDI OP

I did the same thing but I instead dumped it on my 1100 dollar Mac keyboard

Sounds more like a pebkac error to me. if you honestly think that little bit of acetone ruined the WHOLE computer, just by spilling it on the keyboard. then maybe you shouldn't be using it at all.. unless it is in fact a laptop, well then you're S.O.L sorry OP.

If so many people are pointing out that it could be a laptop it would seem that most people call a desktop a computer and a laptop a laptop. I've never ran into someone who didn't differentiate, but I typically am only around a techie crowd where the differences are important.

Well I guess now you know that nails and Facebook don't go together.