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did they spend $80 on glee music?

I hatee glee


did they spend $80 on glee music?

hahaaaaa fml refrences. love em

lol why would you spend 80$ on glee music?? O.o

don't blame your family. blame the show.

Haha, thats a good show!

Hmm.. How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?

Hmm.. How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?

But, it was the prom episode!

OMG.such an amazing episode. I would have ignored anything to finish watching that in peace.

get a mushroom on your pictures head. ;)

Obviously, they have their priorities set.. sorry OP!

umm it was an amazing episode! I don't care if the sky was falling! I wanted to see who won prom king and queen!

Glee contributes to making television what it is - the idiot box

No. It's the magical box of truth.

50 - Those are one and the same.

Back off Glee. Least the people on there have TALENT; you just hate on them all day like a buttmunch. So, yeah. Be jealous. The show itself is about facing adversity and having the confidence to be yourself no matter what anyone says or thinks.

I hatee glee

same lol glee is bad

any homosapian who likes Glee shall be executed

lol. glee. ruining one life at a time.

I like glee and don't care about the opinion of someone who can't spell.

Cee Lo Green reference FTW.

Glee is awesome. Its a show that is all about overcoming your fears and having confidence, two thinks you obviously lack if you do nothing but troll on other people who actually have talent.

FYL being shocked sucks!! and your family does too, that's when you get a taser baton and while their watching glee just taze them all and say, hah! how does that feel suckas!? lol

I guess OP was shocked they didn't help! Heheh. Okay I'll go away...

Or OP could've just shut off the breaker.

Do look up the meaning of electrocuted. If you were electrocuted, then both Glee and your family shouldn't be a problem anymore!

lol I think OP meant to say he was zapped

I was going to make a similar comment, nice to know there are some people who know what words mean. And just to clear it up; electrocuted means you died from it. Kind like you couldn't post an fml about drowning while your family watched glee.

Watching any episode of Glee is it's own electrocution. By the time the opening intro comes on you've made your peace and are ready to throw the switch yourself.

I think that drowned implies death but when drowning you are still alive and can be saved :)

That's what my brother always corrects me on haha

Real nice family you got there, OP. Must be geniuses if they watch Glee, too.

yea.. glee is shit just like sniper Jesus

Well, maybe you're sh** just like George Bush? Hater.

how did you know they didn't come check on you if you passed out after you screamed??

I would think that, if someone had come to ch

I would think that if someone had come to check on him, they would probably still be there when he woke up. If you see someone who got hit by electricity, you don't just keep going on your merry way.

cldean24 4

Someone gets shocked and blacks out. Other person sees unconscious person on the floor and just walks by. That mental image made me smile pretty hard. Like this XD

101, what if the commercials are over and Glee is coming back on?

Your family sure has their priorities straight.

I know if The View, Oprah, Dr Phil or Dr Oz is on anyone around me during that time needs to figure out their own business even if they get shot. No way I'm missing out the 3 tips on how to properly put on eye liner

It's an abomination to mankind.

well isnt that shocking. =p