Freaked out

By No Action Fighter - 22/08/2011 07:44 - United States

Today, while at my boxing gym, an old man came inside and did the oddest drunk dance in order to serenade me. I'm a fighter and fine with taking punches to the face, but froze in terror at the sight of this. FML
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sounds like you had a good day ;)

The old man has been here long enough to know how the freeze his opponents.


sounds like you had a good day ;)

That was my dad

i just imagined Homer's drunk dance. I would be afraid too.

what! don't lie OP, you know you enjoyed it when he was dropping it like it's hawt in front of you! ;)

Take the drunk in the ring and show him your jabs :D

Sounds like a very awesome day. Shit like this never happen to me :/

He must have been doing Shin Chan's elephant dance! "To be a man you must have honor and a penis!"

Don't blame yourself, nobody can prepare for a beatdown like that..

Froze in terror? What's so scary about free entertainment? It was probably better than anything on tv now-a-days. Although if he was naked...

Every time you comment you make yourself sound like a complete bitch. just sayin

35- you just won the internets.

what does OP mean ?? i never got it :$

it means original poster I think :/

So i take it you enjoyed the sight then! ;)

Stop taking pictures of my car and using them as your default. Thanks.

He wishes that was his car. Lol

Wrong! This is my uncle's car! :)

Like a cheerleader?

Since when do cheerleaders dance like drunken men?

I didn't say he was a good cheerleader but honestly at least he made the effort. Some gratitude would be nice...

Not like a cheerleader, like a boss.

Shutup leprechaun

Well...? Did you say, "Thank you",and punched him in the face? : )

26- with your name, I'd believe it. Then again, all women be crazy.

He just wanted to make your workout a little more exciting, can you blame him?

The old man has been here long enough to know how the freeze his opponents.

What else can you take to the face?? Sounds hot

What if OP is a man?

Should have had a v8 and knocked him the fuck out.

His dancing must have freaked you out like mad. I'd get scared too. :(

the old guy was the distraction. check to see if your car is still there.