By seriously! / Tuesday 19 March 2013 05:00 / Australia - Sydney
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  perdix  |  29

They've shown that cows with names give more milk than those who are just numbered. The shit you learn when you live in America's Dairyland!

  xxBFMVAAMIWxx  |  18

I don't know, but I live in a rural town in Australia which has a lot of farms with cattle on them, and one of the preschool/childcare teachers here just happens to be called Miss Stacey. Irony, actual event or coincidence?

  NeatNit  |  32

I don't get #2, which apparently I should because someone else tried to post the same thing.... And Google's not working for me for some reason.

By  DaisyDanger  |  4

I used to show cows when I was younger and 4-H chose them for me, one year I showed a cow named Marilyn. That is my Mom's name, I had a hard time not laughing either! Just let the kids have their fun, if it is a daycare they likely just think it is ironic at their age, not a fat joke!

  spazz666  |  18

If they're in daycare I don't think they would know what irony is.

I imagine a bunch of little kids pointing and shrieking "MISS STACEY THAT COW IS NAMED AFTER YOU!!!" While giggling in that annoyingly charming way only little kids can.

By  Mister_Triangle  |  21

If you work in childcare then you should realize that the kids were laughing at the shared name, not that you like a cow. They would have laughed if they saw a cucumber named Miss Stacy.

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