By thankspops - United States
Today, I found out that the $200 a week I was paying my dad for my car insurance and payment, wasn't actually paying my insurance and car payment. How did I find out he wasn't paying? Repo man took my car. FML
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Sounds dreadful.

One simply can't trust anybody, especially those close to them. But your father probably did you a favor in the long run; the sooner you learn that awful lesson, the better off you are. Owning a car is pointless in the grand scheme of things anyway, just like anything else you will ever do.

Life. Don't talk to me about life.

By  ucofresh  |  4

Yuck.. I've stories like these before. It definitely sucks because the repo company and/or car company has no care in the world what goes on. If they aren't getting the installment regardless what's going on, the consumer is definitely eff'd! Sorry OP!!

  XZero_fml  |  0

well he said car insurance and the car note. I'm guess the majority of that goes to the note. either that or he's a young driver with a fast car. either way. FYL