By TheLostCauseFML - 25/10/2017 05:00

Today, my boyfriend and I were talking about role-playing during sex when he suddenly said, "I'll be Trump. Let's make sex great again!" FML
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Is he gonna make Trojan pay for his condoms?

Did he grab you by your pussy?


cmchappy 25

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Idk about you... but I don’t know too much people who want to marry Trump..

No, divorce him...immediately

Is he gonna make Trojan pay for his condoms?

You do realize he isn’t Bernie Sanders right

Stiggy626 25

yeah he's every girl's fantasy forreal

Donut_Wizard 23

Does he at least remember your name?

Because if there's one thing that definitely needed more politics, it's absolutely nothing. However, if there was something AFTER absolutely nothing that politics should be added to, it would DEFINITELY be sex.

Did he grab you by your pussy?

Did you get to pee on him?

Lobby_Bee 17

Nothing dries up pussy faster than false promises.

God, that would make me so dry...

Why on earth would he think that was sexy?

Friesian 7

I don’t think he was trying to be sexy. He was trying to be funny.