By Anonymous - 16/03/2013 00:12 - France - Bourges

Today, my boyfriend still won't talk to me, after I caused him the "worst embarrassment" of his life in front of his friends. What did I do wrong? I joined their conversation and ended up confusing the fictional characters of Gollum and Yoda with one another. FML
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Not strong is the force in you, my precious.

Maybe you shouldn't join conversations if you don't know what they're talking about.


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There's tons to say just read the comments for examples...

If that was all, you could have just clicked the ******* button, sir

I suppose the term "**** it" won't bail you out of this situation, pal.

Maybe you shouldn't join conversations if you don't know what they're talking about.

Depends on the circumstances. Ive been out with my bf and his friends and they will drone on for hours about baseball which im pretty much clueless about. Sometimes I'll attempt to join in just to be friendly or out of sheer boredom. I've never been accused of embarassing him or ruining his life over a wrong statement though...often over forgetting to set the dvr, but never over a wrong baseball fact.

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Perhaps if baseball is that important to your bf, you should make an effort to learn a bit about it, since I'm sure he isn't nearly as interested in all the episodes of Dance Moms or Gossip Girl you make him watch with you.

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I love these little fuc*ing problems your bf has. Either dump him and find a real man who will care about you and important stuff in life or stop whining and get used to childish behaviors of your beloved and make him a sandwich.

A guy sitting through dance moms or gossip girl deserves an award. Lol. But she tried to be interested. She shouldn't get put down for a mistake.

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OP, are you a blonde because you obviously have never read the books or watched the movies. Shame on you.

3: You can participate in conversation by asking questions and clarifying. They like talking about it, so they probably won't mind, and you get the added benefit of learning. Just don't pretend to know what you're talking about if you have no clue, everyone will know you're a phony and that's the embarrassing part

#124 Perhaps you shouldn't make assumptions about someone you've never met. I have never watched dance moms on any other similar reality show. I have attempted to become more familiar with baseball which is why Im able to contribute to the conversation occasionally. Doesn't mean I am always correct because there's a diff in familiarizing yourself with a significant others interest and becoming an expert in a subject matter that doesn't interest you.

Suaria 38

Dude wtf? I am blonde, I have read and watched both LOTR and Star Wars. Your comment is just as bad as OP's FML. That is a stereotype that blondes are dumb. You are dumb for believing the stereotype of blondes. Please go back to school.

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My precious, dare how you?!

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You take that back! THEY AREN'T JUST CHARACTERS! *weeps inconsolably*

They are more than just characters! You must not understand.

I hope you realize that if he was only interested in her girl parts, he would be considered an even bigger douche.

I never said ONLY interested in her girl parts, just to be MORE interested in them, or he'll miss them when they're gone. And love how I get thumbed down for stating the obvious. Maybe he just hasn't experienced the joy of female anatomy yet...

"Baby, what matters to me most is what is on the outside."

#10, how the hell from this fml can you make the conclusion that he isn't "interested in her girl parts"? Obviously he was hanging out with friends... What do you expect him to do, pull her into the bathroom and go at it, at possibly another person's house?

57.... I would imagine he means the not talking to her part. Kinda hard to get your girl in the mood when you're giving her the silent treatment for stupid shit... and lets everyone get over your nerd rage and be honest, thats some stupid shit to be pissed about

63, that whole comment confused me... What?

65... "kinda" should be "kind of", and i should have commas around "everyone". Other than that, I really have no idea what could possibly be so confusing to you...

LuckBeNimble 19

70: well judging from the fact that he was so upset about it, it's safe to say he has a significant interest in the subject. and well, in general, if you're so ignorant about your SO's passion it IS potentially upsetting, "nerd rage" aside. but maybe I'm just biased, Star Wars is sacred.

70 also made the leap about talking to her.. He must not have read what 10 put that I was referencing... Also, no one really "nerd raged", if you're passionate about movies there's nothing wrong

Why does the boyfriend have to be interested in her girl parts at all? Maybe he's a 14 year old badass that loves Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I'd rather have a boyfriend that likes to talk about those things with me all the time over just wanting to see my ****! Star Wars = True Love

77 - I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being passionate about movies, though in this case I'd say he seems more obsessed than anything. Regardless, she made a mistake, it happens to everyone. Maybe it happens alot, and thats why he won't talk to her, but in any case its no reason to not talk to her. But hey, that's my opinion, and you have every right to disagree 78 - Again, nothing wrong with being passionate about movies. The nerd rage thing was meant more on a whole to the 5000 YDIs, my bad there, should've made a new comment for it. I didn't really leap anywhere, and clearly you didn't read 10's post very well yourself, as he never said the boyfriend was not "interested in her lady parts" 82 - If he hasn't hit puberty yet, then yea, he probably is more interested in star wars. But in the end, sex is how life continues. Aside from "asexual people" who pretty much have a chemical imbalance, we're all wired by instinct to want sex.

It's important, maybe not to everyone, but to a lot of people. It's like confusing Bush whit Obama (to us nerds).

Iys not even why he's mad that bugs me really. Maybe he's just young, in which case I could excuse the immaturity of it. But if he's an adult, the silent treatment is no way to handle a problem. Communication won't make a bad relationahip good, not always at least, but a lack thereof can easily ruin an otherwise good match.

xSunnyOlivia 17

Exactly! I didn't even know who the other guy was i just know Yoda. If he's embarrassed by his girlfriend that doesn't know about that nerdy stuff, get a nerdy girlfriend that does. Don't hate on her for not knowing, because quite frankly maybe just MAYBE she has more of a life than to "study" about little fictional characters.

Just clarifying, but in regards to LOTR, you do mean books, not movies right? Because any true nerd is all about those beautiful books. Honest typos I'm sure.

xStaciexLynnx 15

10, You have just proved you're the biggest douche ever. You pretty much just said OP's boyfriend should stop wanting to have a conversation with his girlfriend about something he clearly loves and only want to have sex with her. Way to be, asshole.

chey296927413 3

You're an idiot. To the people who love Lord of the Rings and Star Wars those characters are everything. I'm absolutely positive he's interested in her "girl parts" but he's still allowed to be a guy.

OceanBlueSea 12

# 10 You sir, I hope you step on a Lego...

DMAC12 5

118- You don't have to be a 'nerd' to know the difference. You just have to have a soul and childhood. Star Wars and LOTR is pretty mainstream, most people know the characters and wouldn't mistake yoda and gollum for the same character.

xSunnyOlivia 17

210- So you're saying the OP and I do not have a soul, Nor did we have a child hood just because we don't waste our precious moments watching star wars or lord of the rings?

223- I believe that's exactly what they were saying.

hate to break it to you but guys can be interested in multiple things just like women. people should not speak if they don't know what they are talking about.

Personally I don't think you lack a childhood or soul, #223. You're just extremely ignorant.

... Did no one else pay attention to the fact that OP has the symbol for a MAN and not a WOMAN? Pay attention to the gender signs...