By Anonymous - 5/7/2020 08:01


Today, after I bought a gaming system two days ago, for too much money, to distract myself from all the horrible things going on in my life and the world, it broke. So now I’m trying to distract myself from the thing I bought to distract myself. FML
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By  Simply Ecks  |  12

Just curious what gaming console it was. That does suck really... I’d hate if that happened to me.

Reminds me of someone that bought a brand knew ps4 a few years back (grandpa bought it for me and didn’t know I already had one) and when I sold this to my neighbor across the street and he bought it ($400 plus tax) for $320 to be nice.

Two or so years later they said their system broke and he said that I should be that’s responsible for paying them back.

I told them no I’m not responsible for anything after the sale was done. It was brand new didn’t even open the box yet, and I told them I could I possibly know when it would break?

I said “Idk what you did to the system or if you broke it accidentally or intentionally so I’m not liable for what happens after you bought it.

He backed off after that but, my house has security cameras around my house, my brother that monitors it said it was those same neighbors breaking into my dads car and caught them in video.

They also broke into my car twice (idk how) but the cameras barely show if it was their faces or not because I park on the sidewalk.

Luckily they didn’t have anything of value to steal, except my Kenneth Cole Black cologne which is $50+ to buy and it’s my favorite.

I’m sure that didn’t need to be so long and with a story to my comment but shit is annoying as fuc*k but after my dad is off probation, imma retaliate in what way?

Idk yet but I’ll think of something by then or hopefully just forget it all.