By Dj sMoZ! - 15/02/2011 15:30

Today, my girlfriend found an enormous rose arrangement in the back seat of my car. The flowers were from my fire chief to his wife. I forgot to deliver them. I now have to replace them since my girlfriend thinks I got them for her. The arrangement cost $225. FML
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...and you couldn't have just told her the truth?

hey at least your girlfriend didn't think you were cheating on her, although $225 is a lot of money to have to spend.


hey at least your girlfriend didn't think you were cheating on her, although $225 is a lot of money to have to spend.

This is the first thing I thought too. Many girls would be suspicious if they found a secret stash of roses in the back seat of their boyfriend's car.

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so I'm guessing there was no card???

at least OP is getting laid. $225 is about how much youd spend on a good hooker. so.... have at it

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...and you couldn't have just told her the truth?

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I bet the sex was worth it ;)

there's this's called honesty

Agreed. I doubt she would have been mad if he had told her the full story. YDI OP.

I bet she'd be very disappointed though, maybe the OP didn't want to make her sad.

he should have just told her the truth and them get her something amazing so she wont get butt-hurt

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And you don't have the common sense to say "I'm delivering them for someone else. I don't have your gift in the car"? YDI not only for forgetting, but for hot having the balls to be honest.

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yeah, she definitely would have believed that...

it is possible to be honest instead of bending over and take it. YDI OP.

Hahahaha. Aww xD Well at least you got your girlfriend thinking you're one heck of a guy :)

@3: Because then his gf would be on here saying, "Today, I thought my boyfriend bought me a beautiful assortment of roses. As it turns out, he's cheating on me and got them for someone else. FML." But now the OP gets to post tomorrow, "Today, my girlfriend dumped me. Yesteday, I just bought her a $225 bouquet of flowers. FML."

And most of the comments here will be like "YDI for assuming." for the first FML, and "YDI for spending that much on a bouquet of flowers." for the OP's FML. Silly commenters!

Nothing says "I love you" like a beautiful arrangement of flowers which will be dead and sitting in a vase of smelly, moldy water in a week. That said, Mrs. Bastard got three dozen roses for Valentine's Day. *sigh*

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lmao I'm sure she loved them to.

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My love for you is like these flowers, fleeting and smelly... Wait,... What?

I also got Mrs. Bastard 3-dozen roses... EDIT - No, not DocBastard's wife, for once...

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Nothing says I love you like slowly dying reproductive organs.

Classic husband and wife sitcom scenario

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how could you forget?the car must have smelled like so are a idiot