By Nikki - 13/05/2015 00:33 - United States - Satellite Beach

Today, I went to bring my 92-year-old neighbor some cake we had just made. When I walked in, she was wearing pants. That's it. I stared blinking in shock for a few seconds before running away, yelling, "So sorry. I brought you cake. Real tired. Gonna sleep now. Bye." FML
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So did OP.... Brain bleach anyone?

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At least she was kind enough to bring cake!

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Whoops, meant to say: At least your kind enough to bring her cake.

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Maybe OP is close with her neighbor and she's told her that she can just walk right in without knocking

Heisenberg told him that he is the one who knocks so it made him cower in fear

Yeah, my neighbor is hard of hearing and can't hear the knocking so she told me just walk in. The tv was going pretty loud, too.

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Knocking isn't something that is standard with everyone. I like to knock and ring doorbells, but my wife's aunt and uncle keep their doors unlocked and let people come and go as they please. Really depends on what kind of community you live in, and how trusting or cynical you are of humanity.

She's 92. She'd probably have still told OP to come in. Old people aren't known for giving much of a crap. :p

Some things you can forget. This isn't one of them

Gotta love them saggy boobs!!!! Haha. Hope your eyes aren't burned forever

Did you knock? Or did you just walk in?

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At least granny got cakes...

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Have you ever heard of a lesbian

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At least it was thoughtful of you to give her some cake. Too bad you had to see that. Good on you OP.