By thedancer5 - 03/08/2011 16:47 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend dumped me by writing a breakup note with permanent marker on my newly painted bedroom wall. FML
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You should key a note on his car commenting on how little his dick is, just sayin. Sorry to hear that


Write on his face with permanent marker while he is sleeping.

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I would cut out my letter in his wall.

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I'm pretty sure you have left over paint

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tell him that him doing that got you more fueled up then when you guys were in bed! c:

sit ur fat ass on his hood and 'dent' the chassis, hed hate you forever

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58- she has to get payback somehow.

Take a dump on his car, leave a note explaining "I accept your dump now please accept mine!".

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oppps wrong one & ment 59. sorryyy!

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Actually he can sue you if you key his car. The permanent marker is a cheap fix, but a new paintjob can cost a lot depending on the car he has. If he drives a luxury car, the paintjob can be near 10,000+.

Not everyone is perfect spelling mistakes happen, stuck up tit....

63 are you the same person that mentioned a chassis last week. glad you learned how to spell an interesting word. the hood is part of the body though not the chassis. the chassis is the frame. you will not damage a chassis by sitting on the hood.

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107-it was a reference to another fml >_>

100- Even if the spelling was correct the sentence wouldn't make sense. The sentence would be "I'd permanent scar his face". That isn't a mistake, that is stupidity by #1

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ah then I apologize. the other person was an idiot then.

Lol my bad! Was running late and iphones autocorrect is priceless

Sneak into his house and while he sleeps draw on his face with permenant marker ??)

No one blame iPhones for auto correct, it wouldnt change anything to "permeant" it would change it to permanent you just don't know how to spell dip shit

RainbowHeadache 2

152 just hush, child. You don't need to be a dick. I just checked on my iPhone and if misspelled a certain way (which can happen when you type fast & miss a letter, obviously) it auto corrects to spell permeant.

152 - once my iPhone corrected a misspelled word with gibberish (it literally replaced my word with something like "vdghsgs"). So, I think it's possible.

153- What word gets autocorrected to "permeant"? I can't find any on my iPod.

RainbowHeadache 2

Permanent does if typed in wrong. I put perment to make it auto correct to permeant. Maybe #1 spelled it like that for some reason.

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Write him back with a picture of you and another guy!

Or leave a nice little note on his car with your key

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2 - yeah the guy was a jerk, immature and doesn't deserve a girl... but making immature little middle school moves won't make her seem any more better. she shouldn't sink down to his level.

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80 and 81 are obviously schoolgirls. The ex most likely won't give a shit, not to mention that implies she's a ****.

I do agree that she has to get him back, he was a jerk but trying to make your ex jealous just makes them more glad they're done with you.

Classy. Hope you have more paint left to cover it up.

You should key a note on his car commenting on how little his dick is, just sayin. Sorry to hear that

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That's a bit over the top, don't you think? After all, repainting a car is a tad bit more expensive than repainting a wall.

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not if his wang is a centimeter peter. that shit would be hilarious.

If someone wrote on my painted walls with sharpie I'd be pissed! Plus he should have the balls to say something not be a coward, so smd

what are the chances op cheated on him with his brother. that would change perspective wouldn't it?

I'd want her to write something a little more original than - "you have a small dick!" though. If it's not true, he won't care. Like, "scratch my car and get a wish" or something, that would hopefully lead to more damage :)

flockz 19

Why negs to the "haha" I see nothing wrong.

some people are just like to hate.

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She should punish him in the ass ! ... Oh yah nvm

"STFU Flockz! H3 dumber H3R Stopid N00b? Sh3 can't dump his!" And end sarcastic comment. on a lighter note, Good job Flockz, This is the funniest comment In a while! and

The comment is actually real unoriginal.


Hopefully you have some leftover paint.

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Even if the paint was able to completely hide the Sharpie (which is unlikely), it's not like you can just use a bit of leftover paint to cover it. In order to make it look good, you'd have to re-paint the entire wall.


Sarcasm must be so over rated these days. I wish I was a professional painter like you guys. To bad all I do is defuse bombs for a living...