By STIdiot - 17/10/2011 12:12 - United States

Today, my boyfriend's jaw was swollen due to him not taking care of a cracked tooth. He's convinced it was actually caused by an STD, and accused me of giving it to him. FML
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It's better to give than to take

I am sorry op, you may have a retard of a boyfriend


mibrahim01 0

It's better to give than to take

gunmania0 12

1- is that what your dad told you?

mibrahim01 0

10- Is that a cracked tooth in your profile picture?

Actually, I prefer to take rather than give, gifts that is. I don't like them STI's. And yeah, they changed it from STD to STI, the I standing for infection.

32- Aids is a symptom of the HIV, so no it's not an infection.

29- not what they're teaching in health (as of this month)

Herpes of the tooth, Look it up! LOL JK, Your boyfriends a moron.

Tell him, you'll know it's an STD when your balls start swelling

You know you're a redneck when your gun rack has a gun rack on it.... : |

Same here! Though, I'd have liked it more if it was STiDiot .

53-You know you American when? When what? Don't leave us wondering !!!

nublets 12

78- you know your in america when people believe a swollen jaw is a symptom of an STD.

bizarre_ftw 21

Quite true but still highly discouraged

21, why ISN'T your picture of a cracked tooth.

She should get her self tested and prove him wrong, other than that he might be right. But he should consider the cracked tooth a possibility

She shouldn't have to. There's no need for her to have to prove herself to her boyfriend. Whats the magic word? Trust? I'll accept trust, but I was looking for nipples.

I like the nipple joke but really now. Just because someone says they are clean, you're just going to to take their word for it? Significant other or not, it would be one of the few things you actually should have to prove.

Very true. But there is a thing called a condom. Even though it's not 100% effective, it does a pretty good job

Hmm.. When something as serious as stds I Would at least find comfort in knowing factually what's true.. But I also agree.. Without trust there is nothing but arguments and failure.

gunmania0 12

82 - condoms are effective but they reduce feeling by about...100%

Get a rash somewhere random like you're arm, and yell at him about giving you a STD.

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I'm sorry son, but your girlfriend gave you gingivitis. There's nothing we can do.

natashax21 5

Explain to him what STD stands for for starters

I am sorry op, you may have a retard of a boyfriend

rawrr61 4

It's nowt nwice to say wetarded

bizarre_ftw 21

Hey! That's insulting to retard people!!! (double meaning ^_^ I call win)

TalkinSmack 6

This is the first time I've heard of gonna-herpa-syphil-itis can cause swelling in the jaw!

stevenJB 25

Gonna-sypha-herpa-aids!! Is the correct saying:)

guitargoddess89 3

Actually it's herpa-gonna-syphil-aids.

decidedlyvague 11

Actually it Levio-sah, not levios-ah.

TalkinSmack 6

Lol I don't have it, so I don't know! Lol

BigGrouchy 0

Very clever... And then he's blaming you. Very clever and also very nice it seems...

ikickgingers 15

To summarize; you think he is very clever and "very" is the only adverb in your vocabulary. Check, got it.

ginger, idc if your comments have -thumbs, I love each and every one of them equally. :)

Chill : ) I don't really get why you felt like giving me a reply like that, but as a matter of fact I do actually have lots of other adverbs in my vocabulary, so don't you worry about it too much, I've got everything under control myself. Thanks for your concern : )

bfsd42 20

She's Danish gingers. English is not her native language. Chill and stop failing at being a critic.

decidedlyvague 11

Your vocabulary is based primarily around adverbs? That's quite a conundrum now isn't it?

ikickgingers 15

So does this mean we can't have make up sex? :/