By ksztte - 27/02/2010 13:17 - United States

Today, the soon-to-be father of my baby told me he thinks I'm an extremly selfish person, and that I do not love him. His reasoning? I haven't given him a backrub in 2 weeks, sleep too much and have a hormonal problem. Once again, I AM PREGNANT! FML
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noobgang7 5

wow.. new hubby time... Hope you enjoy your bundle of joy

If he thinks you are being selfish now, you are going to seem like Hitler once that baby slithers out of your vagina.


noobgang7 5

wow.. new hubby time... Hope you enjoy your bundle of joy

Heartbreakher 0

That sucks your having a baby with a jerk fyl, I'm not getting married.

noobgang7 5

like to be up top don't you?

Felendris 0

I'm a little confuse >.<

tweetbaby14 18

I THINK WE GET THE FACT THAT YOURE PREGNANT!!! shesh say it five more times please

It doesn't say they are married and if they were, husbands aren't exchangeable. OP, I'll be devil's advocate for a moment and say my husband was also insensitive when I was preganant. He thought I was being "over dramatic" by throwing up at all times throughout the entire pregnancy. He is now an amazing father and an above average husband. It's hard to do but remember this is a difficult time for him, too. Show him you still love him and he'll come around.

he sound like the type of guy who won't get up in the middle of the night to help with the baby or even change a dirty diaper. I hate guys like that!

how does you being pregnant prevent you from giving him a backrub you selfish bitch

ebababa 0

tweetbaby - she said it once, tool. OP: wow, if my bf/husband said that to me, I'd headbutt him before he could even finish the sentence. Force him to watch a video of someone giving birth-- it'll disturb him AND make him realize the shit you're going through and will be going through. Sure wish guys had to go through the pains of pregnancy and childbirth. Guys shouldn't talk unless they know what you're going through, which they never will, so they should never talk.

Divorce him and marry your brother.

I hate to break it to you but the fact that you're pregnant doesn't give you a bitch licence.

LTMcleod 0

how hard is it to rub his Back?...

Heartbreakher 0

OP you need a back rub more then your man does.

@45: It depends on how pregnant... 2 months out you can still be in sammich mode, but not on the way to the hospital

rellik81 0

your man is an idiot

rellik81 0

he is an idiot!!!

ballistic 2

well the funny thing bout his back is that his back is located on his cok

#20 I was gonna point that out . But yes, it doesn't sat that thier even going out or engaged or married OR ANYTHING. Just SOON TO BR FATHER OF OUT CHILD.  What a sad/lame tittle to hold 

nu_fml 0

Kinda hard considering a] your baby-filled gut gets in the way and b] your own back hurts like fuck

EBABABA........ thnx alot. I'm remembering a video an old teacher showed us on child birth........DAM YOU....EEEEWWWWWWWWWWW...but I do agree with you. GUYS HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK considering we have no clue what's it's like and since you don't know our bodies. You cannot explain or discribe it to a point where we understand completely.

thoughtcrimeno1 0

@43 incest is never the answer, foolish fool

When I was pregnant, my boyfriend almost threatened to leave me because I had to quit my job for the fact that I was bedridden for the first trimester. I just don't think it's in their genetic makeup to understand what pregnancy and hormones do to our bodies.

junker311 0

lol my husband was the same. saying I was being dramatic for throwing up all the time ( which lasted 8 1/2 months may I add ) and not being able to sleep... but he is an amazing father now :) don't know the whole story but you could be one of those annoying pregnant women who always use it as an excuse. give your baby daddy a back massage, it won't kill you. I gave mine one while I was in labor. He was frantic so it calmed him down :)

iSwag 0

I hate when my socks get wet.

hehehe...... kick your soon-to-be-childs-soon-to-be-fathers arse with loads of pregnancy facts from a doctor. get him to backrub you aswell (the 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours'). and yeah sure, if we could, I'd imagine a few guys would try dealing with the pain of childbirth if we get our child out of it...

Being pregnant doesn't hurt chicks they love it and it's the best time of thier lives the man was the one dealing with a bitch

drunastunamazing 0

I'm pregnant too! and my fiancé is the same way but it takes him a while to understand. we don't mean to be bitchy but sometimes us pregnant women can't help it but in the end I always say I'm sorry! plus I give him backrubs I don't see why you don't!! he is dealing with your pregnancy so give him what you can!! jeeze OP!!

@ebababa. one man has been pregnant just thought u might want to know

drunastunamazing 0

@127 the "man" who was pregnant was a women! SHE/HE whatever u want to call it changed himself To a man b4 SHE/HE found out they were prego.

hahaha thank you for making my day

@124 who the fuck told you that?

stinkytruck 0

how pregnant? 1 day

why u complaining, you must have a hormone problem

xxAdriixx 0

That 'man' was not and is not a man at all. SHE is an incomplete transgendered FEMALE. She's basically just a chick without tits and with facial hair. She still has all her female parts. -.- And she actually got pregnant -after-... basically, she just wanted attention. Poor kids (she has two) are going to be so fucked up..

HeyItsWill12 0

@43 Why would she marry her own brother.. wtf..?! Thats not even funny..

I hate when a leprachaun punches in the face.

TempestJones 0

On one hand, I would say after you give me a backrub, I will give you one to the soon to be father... pregnancy is a hard ordeal that no man will fully understand... On the other hand you can't completely neglect your partner, no matter how tired you are. There's no reason NOT to give him a backrub, or to be cuddly and stuff... I would just tell him it's give and take... Remember, they may not be going through the pain that we women go through, but they are going through stuff too.

shutup bitch

hahahaaa good one

Correction: two have.

47 will rub his back

asianwolf 2

hey at least your husband isn't the husband that wouldn't help the women with a bursted appendix because he was playing xbox. but your life is still fucked.

valentinesdaysuc 0

sucks to be you .

Nag Nag nag The only thing you do is complaine shit now suck his cock and make him cake

janise 2

@junker311 hate to tell you but you sound like a complete push-over.

phuckurlyfe 0

Superbad! lmao

mistershlong 0

stop bitching and get back in the kitchen

guys you made #2 go off the page!!! so mean

Rrub his back then make him a sammich.

MrsUchiha 0

You would be a bitch too if you were pregnant. Puking every morning, swollen ankles, gaining weight, your baby kicking you in the kidneys at 4 am which causes you to jolt awake, and so much more. Let's not forget the birth..

I dont get it just give him a frigging back rub jk lol

Yes, men feeling pain is the solution to all of life's problems.

try making him a sandwich

he seemed to be right about the hormone problem...

Make him watch a labor and delivery video. That should shut him up.

clintdog1 0

good one

im2good25 0

welcome to prison....... I mean marriage

I second that. Pregnant women seem to only ever think of themselves, and never take time to consider their partners feelings.

tweetbaby14 18

ebababa uh no they didn't dumbass I'm pretty sure "future father of my child" translates into I am pregnant and tool really are you in the 7th grade

she only said it twice, you self-centerted little fuckfag!

maybe it was a joke and your just very stupid???

lilai1396 0

so HE wants a backrub he does realize that with pregnancy your carrying another life? and one that hurts all your joints tell him to shut the hell up and go to a spa

amazinggbaby 2

45 She wasn't being a bitch she was throwing up and didn't give him backrubs and women who are pregnant have a hard time controlling how they act because of the hormones. You'll realize it when you either get pregnant or get a girl pregnant (I'm not sure if your a guy or girl.)

everajade 0

#153 dude she was in love with a woman who couldn't get pregnant so the man who was really a woman got pregnant instead so that they could have kids. not to get attention.

You people make me laugh when my girlfriend got pregnant we never had this problem. It was awesome she had a higher sex drive then than ever ^_^

ha ha find a new husband fyl

What an arse i swear! That guy is such a baby

tell him to grow up!!!!! get with the program if life!!!!

mattchap 0

ydi for not giving him a backrub and getting pregnet.... use a condom..

janise 2

How is she supposed to use the condom? You should be telling her guy to use a condom.

girls use condoms 2

Maybe she wanted a baby... Or possibly they were using protection but it failed. Condoms have 2% fail rate or something close to that ya know.#135

ThankYhuCaptinOb 0

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It continues to amaze me that people insist on misspelling "pregnant" as "pregnet". PLUS, you realize it's right in front of you right?

Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one bothered by that.

haha this guy needs to suck it up. your pregnant and he's not gotten used to it yet. I hope he step up when the baby is born.

She said father of her kid, not husband. This dude is smart not to commit to that whiny slut.

Nis3y_Babi 0

#8 why does she have to b all ov that?

coolster56 0

it still could be or they could have been dating for like 7 years it is always better to have a baby with a boyfriend of 7 years or your husband of 2 months

he's a jerk!

why so serious?

and your stomach is getting to big

and you are dressing in sweats and watching sitcoms all day...

maybe you should worry more about being pregnant and your failing relationship instead of whining about it in FML.

This. Her "To do" list for today: 1. Get up. 2. Go to FML. 3. Complain on FML. 4. Complain more. 5. Play WoW. 6. Attempt to fix relationship. 7. Realize you can't. 8. Post another FML. And the cycle repeats..

Fabby_fml 2

It takes so long to write an FML after all, clearly OP spends all day online because she's been on this site.

HeyItsWill12 0

LOL @23

pendulum2012 0

I think it's funny that people who are commenting are saying that writing an FML means you are on this website all day. Reading all the FML's and commenting takes more time out of your day. #13 and #23 are probably trying to feel better about themselves by saying that someone else is here too much.

And here you're complaining about someone complaining on an FML. Congratulations.