By Bostonian - 02/12/2009 03:18 - United States

Today, I told my long distance girlfriend I will be coming half way across the country to visit here since I have not seen her in a month, I gave her my flight information so she could pick me up at the airport. She responded with "That's when The Office is on, can you take a cab?" FML
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Can't blame her? She is used to seeing more action on the TV and turning it on.

well the office kinda rocks so, not saying ydi but hey can't blame your gf either.


Can't blame her? She is used to seeing more action on the TV and turning it on.

I dunno man, The Office is a great show. __________________________________

YDI for not staying home and watching The Office as well. I agree with #1.

Just tell her to stop watching TV and make you a f kin sammich!!! Seriously females are getting more cheeky by the day Stamp your authority boy

The Office is a terrible show. Holy fuck you must have no sense of humour to like it. If it doesn't have a plot, (which it doesn't), it had better make me laugh my ass off. This show fails spectacularly, and yet people still watch it.

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@#62 Wow, man. Thats seriously fucked up. Hadn't humanity evolved from this type of behaviour? "Oh men are more important than women because... They just are." Seriously? And I'm no feminist (excuse my spelling, correct me if I am wrong), I'm not all "I DON'T NEED A MAN TO HELP ME!" , because I believe we were all created equal. Black, white, men, women, or any other race. Also, animals have rights also. I just wanna know why everyone is under the impression that women can't do anything. We haven't been president because NOBODY WILL LET US (and no good ones run, anyway). And, in English monarchy, and in ancient Egypt times, women have been rulers. And if I hear one "women are only here for sex, cleaning, and making my food" I'm gonna show you what a woman can do with a rather large hunting knife to your face. Because, guess what? Humans are not a-sexual, men all die, human race goes extinct, women all die, human race goes extinct. Works either way.

Go make me a sammich, woman!!

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less talk more cook

the office is pretty cool

#65 shut up u dont no wat ur talking about

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you're a dick 75

YDI for tripping over flat surfaces with skill

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65 - maybe the humor is just over your pretty little head? Don't think too hard about it, you might hurt yourself.

True, although men and women were scientifically created differently, animals haven't evolved to even think for themselves, just because they are cute, doesn't mean they are human

well the office kinda rocks so, not saying ydi but hey can't blame your gf either.

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Op, you need to cancel your ticket and get your money back, This is NOT a relationship & not something you need to ne part of.

It's not a relationship because he can't travel by himself? Really, that's a bit much. Sure, it's only of a series, but still... compared to what I'm used to, seeing each other once a month is often.

Damn show's on Hulu. She can watch it later, you shouldn't have to pay a huge cab fee because she's a lazy cunt.

hulu is amazing.... and you can buy a ps3 and put hulu on it

FYL. But YDI if you have to go a short distance:P Nah jk FYL and FYG

I bet "long distance" is the distance between him and his girlfriend when making love ;)

L A M E _____________________________

I think you have two sollutions... 1. Buy her Tivo or 2... Get somebody thats not a horrible witch with a B. Preferably somebody not half a country away

Just say "bitch," dude. Trying to substitute it with similar words is ALWAYS cringe-worthy.

Dude. 1 Month is not that long. YDI for being clingy.

It's almost 2010 tell her to get a fucking dvr.

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This, rofl.

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Or at least teach her how to use a VCR if she has one.

Unless her TV sprouts a penis bigger than yours whenever The Office comes on, she has no excuse.

YDI - The Office is way more important than you