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Today, my daughter told me that my head is shaped like a kidney bean and that I'm lucky she even talks to me in public. She's 6. FML
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tell her it runs in the family and that soon her head will be shaped just like yours!



#14: What exactly do you propose OP should do, surgically reshape her head?

she needs to get whooped not a time out.spare the rod spoil the child.

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Tell her you're an alien and if she misbehaves you might abduct her.

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They breed em weird in Pennsylvania. lol

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can't wait until she's 16 or on her period. oh just 10 years left.

What a coincidence! Your head is shaped like your ass.

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154- Then just skip to the next one. No one said you HAD to read these types of FML's.

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tell her if that's the case you won't talk to her..ever, and then she'll realize what an ungrateful bitch she's being...some people's kids.

tell her that her head is shaped like a pear and she's lucky you let her outside of attic. Then mention she has a deformed twin who lives in the attic. that'll get her, haha.

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I don't say this often but YDI for not raising your kid to be respectful.

i agree with u lol some parents need to calm down haha

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who said they had to be funny ?

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how about once you find out they're about that, you skip to the next one without being all bitchy about it. no one cares what you feel about the FML.

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kids say the damndest things

Let's see how this rolls out in about ten years..

give the brat squash for every meal, that will solve your problem

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Hey, at least she's honest. I'd much rather be around honest people who tell me they hate me than liars who act like my friend and make fun of me behind my back.

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kids these days .. -__- smh

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calm down , I have 3 siblings I take care of everyday , how you gona talk to me like you know me or something ?

it's probably KaySL's time of the month.

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she said 'garyy/davyy' as in garyy or davyy? maybe she knew you'd say something Bacondave.

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Hey, "Garyy", you sure know how to make yourself look ignorant. Just because KaySL is trying to make a point, a very valid point I may add, doesn't mean that she's telling someone off because she's on her period. Go smash glass bottles on your head until you die. 59- KaySL isn't dictating anyone. She's just letting her know that she's being a hypocrite. Why would anyone comment on something that they don't know about, but act like they do know about it? You shouldn't because you WILL make yourself look completely stupid.

Ain't this great? All this bullshit commenting about bullshit comments? It's fun, isn't it? WHEEEEEE!! Seriously people (ie leester), this isn't what the comment section is about. Don't believe me? 1) Go read the rules 2) Then read the FAQ 3) Then PM Sirin or Alan or any of the mods for confirmation 4) Then shut your pieholes. I assure you no one is interested in reading all that crap.

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is this your second account Kasyl ? for you can say good things about yourself and feel good for once ;D ? it's alright :)

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I'm just gunna pop in here and say, KaySL, you take this shit way too seriously.

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Thabeasty01, you seriously need to shut the **** up. First off, you don't know how to use proper grammar. Second of all, you're NOT funny. Third of all, the winky faces and smiley faces don't make your arguments any stronger. Lastly, nobody is on anyone's dick. Just because nobody agrees with you doesn't mean that they're on the other person's dick. You are retarded and you need to go kill yourself, you ******* asshole.

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Shrikee , Yeaa .. I'll just leave it at that :D

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KaySL seriously... I didn't wanna get involved, but really? He was obviously making a joke. Yeah, a kid hasn't lived enough to say that, but he was kidding. I honestly think you should just let it go. I agree with DocBastard... You're making to big of a deal about this. Just calm down.

wow whats with the drama boiiz? .... tbh i dont think someones age can define there experience with kids and stuff... i get where your coming from kay... but you gotta get your facts straight first bruv

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lilmisslovely13 ; that's cool :P haha , hey you don't sound really lovely , and all these fake accounts from KaySL are getting annoying ..

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"You need to go kill yourself..." Wow, what he said is nothing to get this angry about.

sounds like she's heading in the right direction

If she wants to be a professional bitch

it's called sarcasm, for those of you who can't understand it

Only one person commented. whose "All of us"?

He's referring to the thumbs down, probably.

If you don't like thumbs down, learn how to use sarcasm the right way on the Internet.

I thought they used it correctly. Just saying. Tsk Tsk uptight people the whole lotta ya. Right direction, wrong map.

BAM! She would instantly get a taste of her own bad azz medicine!!!

tell her it runs in the family and that soon her head will be shaped just like yours!

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LMFAO!!! That should teach the lil' bratLMFAO!!! That should teach the lil' brat