By animelover - Canada
Today, my boyfriend came over while I was babysitting my little brother. He wouldn't stay in bed, so my boyfriend told him,"If you don't stay in bed, the monster will eat you!" I now have to wash my brother's bedsheets, because he was too afraid to get up and go pee. FML
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By  groovis  |  2

So your response is to call her out over your perception that she was wanting to fool around with her boyfriend while babysitting her little brother and that this makes her a whore? First let's ignore that most kids try to avoid bed time when being babysat (especially by siblings) and likewise ignore that she posted that he "wouldn't stay in bed" implying his bed time had arrived and it was only right to insist he stay put.

Then we can move onto the story told about the monster which arguably was not the wisest move, but we've been telling "monster/scary" stories to kids for years. Still whatever trauma the thought of monsters and subsequently wetting the bed might cause will not be deep or last too long. Guaranteed they will all laugh about this later.

Now we can move on to your moral smug self-superiority which apparently finds the natural act of intimacy to be repugnant and worthy of your scorn. OK let's assume they did want private time to get busy. This is a problem for you? Their desire for intimacy enrages you? Seriously?

In my experience such anger is usually the byproduct of a bitter little person who has always been rejected whenever he's attempted to get with a girl. This constant rejection and the realization that he probably will not ever get laid by anyone he doesn't either have to pay or blow up, translates into him doubtless hovered over his computer in his mommy's basement pleasuring himself to pictures and fantasies while attacking anyone who is actually getting action from another.

Your wish for murder, death and horrible disease as a justified outcome for this situation reveals you to be a small, bitter, pathetic, and vile little man (boy probably) trying to make himself feel better and/or seem important with your hate and scorn.

Instead it shows you to be be someone worthy of our collective pity.

Today, I tried to sound like a big man by wishing death and cancer on someone due to my extreme bitterness over the fact that the only action I am ever going to get is with my own hand and I got busted by someone who called me out without sinking to my level. FML

  LordXavier  |  0

This is exactly why they make cages for little kids! Then all you have to do is change the newspaper every once in a while and throw your leftovers through the bars! Also it's "monster proof"!!!