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Today, I turned 23. I had asked my mom for some things to decorate my new place. As I opened the box to reveal my gift, a mirror was inside. I liked the mirror. I did not like the note attached that said "Look inside the mirror to see who is now 100% financially responsible for themselves." FML
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I don't mean to be rude, but if you're 23, you should be financially responsible for yourself. YDI.

Give it back to her when she needs a loan.


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Yes, seriously. She stopped being legally responsible for him 5 years ago.

Actually, according to my FAFSA for federal financial aid, while I was an undergraduate my parent's income determined how much capital I would receive from the federal/state levels. I'm 23 and I graduated with my BFA in past spring. Up to that point, my family was expected to contribute to my life. What I'm trying to state: You are one or multiple of the following (A) An overachiever that is trying to snob her way in again with comments (B) Your family is too rich and wouldn't help you with shit. (C) You took easy classes. (D) Your tuition, room/boarding, and fees are uber cheap.

Or third option, you graduated from college at 21, and moved out and got a job... I get that our generation is still living with their parents and putting off being an adult as long as possible but 23 is a bit excessive.

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Ouch. Hard lesson to learn.

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Today I got a new mirror. FML

Should have turned the mirror around to face your mum.

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Okay. Yes, this is a hard lesson to learn, but she's 23. I am and many of my friends are 100% financially self-sufficient at 21. I think 23 was pretty generous, and certainly not a "**** my life" occassion.

wait until she's old and retired and do the same

This whole FML is just stupid. Maybe if you interpret it right, the original poster might be saying "FML because I'm 23 and I'm not yet financially responsible for myself?" Get a ******* job. Loser.

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Yea. im still learning it. At *23*....during a recession is not the time to learn to be finacially responsible. I should have learned before this mess!

I don't mean to be rude, but if you're 23, you should be financially responsible for yourself. YDI.

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Agreed. Why is it an FML that you're financially 100% responsible at 23 while moved out of your parent's house? That's just normal.

Agreed. You're lucky you didn't get that note at your 18th birthday. You should have.

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Guess who's been completely financially responsible for herself since she was 16? Yeah, me. You're lucky your parents waited so long. Now get the **** over it.

Yeah, you are 23, get over it. If it happened on my birthday I might have been a bit upset, but I was always told that I would have to buy my own shit once I got to be 16, and it was NOT any better to know. You are 23, and after 18 you shouldn't a: ask for anything on your birthday and b: have to plead for money from your parents. Are you going to cling onto your parents your entire life? Get a job.

I would concur, but it sounds like they were expecting a birthday present not a handout - they're kind of different things. Generally, people get presents for others to let them know they're loved, regardless of financial independence.

I learned that lesson when I turned sixteen, sorry you had to wait so long. I kinda like providing for myself.

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#87 There is nothing wrong with asking for birthday presents after 18. I get my Gramma presents.

Just because you're an "adult" now, doesn't mean your parents can't help you. It's not like you're not their offspring anymore, you're just a not a child. I find it extremely harsh when parents completely kick a child out. From all of my scholarship money and job, I could support myself, but every now and then, my mom likes helping even if she doesn't have much to give just because I'm her kid and she loves me.

I was kicked out as soon as I turned 18 and I pay for my own rent and furnishings.

Ouch, that sucks. It's your birthday. She didn't have to be so bitchy about it. It's not like you were asking for furniture and stuff on any other day of the year.

hahaha, your mom has a wicked sense of humor! i have to remember this for my future kids...

Your mum is kewl! And you should have learnt to be financially responsible years ago. FYL indeed if you are only just learning it now.

That's not the point. I'm sure OP is responsible, but the point is that her mother was really harsh about it and it was her birthday.

She is right, but that was a bad timing for sure.