By jacks_smirking_revenge - United States
Today, while out to lunch, my sister called me and asked me to pick her up from the mall. I told her she'd have to wait. She got pissed off and started cursing at me, so I hung up on her. She called me back 37 times until I answered and yelled "WILL YOU LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE?" It was my boss. FML
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  Kitten_love  |  22

After the first 5 calls, OP probably stopped looking at caller ID... I know my sister has done this and I just turn my phone on silent or off. Why bother listening to it constantly ringing?

By  npk88  |  0

i think this is made up. If you were out at lunch that means she would have been calling your cell phone. All cell phones have caller ID. Even if you didn't have your boss's number in your contacts, you would be able to see that it wasn't your sister's number when you picked up your phone

By  Kozzy333  |  0

#6 are you a dumbass? Not all cell phones have caller ID. But in this case it seems as though she would because she knew her sister called her 37 times. I guess she just assumed that it would be her sister again.

By  PsychoX  |  0

When someone calls you more than 10 times with only a few seconds in between each call you check to see who it is EVERY SINGLE TIME? This is why I hate phones.............

And be nice to your sister before she gets some random guy with too many tattoos and an std for each one to drive her hope. =P