By Saradee - 24/12/2012 04:55 - United States - Inglewood

Today, my boyfriend ended sex by yelling, "THIS IS SPARTA!" and using his foot to push me off the bed. FML
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HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Wear a chastity belt next time and scream," YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

Roguedork19 8

No, this is Patrick. O.o


Did you kick him back and Yell No this is!

your comment is bad and you should feel bad

agsilver 14

Hear hear

No it should have been "no, this is Patrick!" And pull him off.

you should say: " Noy so fast, Cortana says you're greek, so stick this foot up in your ass" and then start rap XD

Holy Crap! I'd hurt my husband of he ever did that right after sex. Come up with a way to get him back. That has to be answered!

This new fml on iphone is weird, never gonna get used to this!

Good for you beeftinkle :)

I agree I'd hurt my husband too, but this made me laugh pretty hard. Just imagining it, but had it been me, 38 weeks pregnant, I'd beat his ass. This just calls for revenge. Get him good, but not after or during sex. That's expected.

Your bf is a boss

You should tell him that's not the role-playing you had in mind.

TweetAnne 13

WTF is wrong with him? What happened to normal sex?

Idk, maybe he thinks it's different so 'it spices things up'...... Or he's a moron.

It got boring so couples decide to spice it up a bit

brand2017 9

There is no normal, only zule >.>

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Wear a chastity belt next time and scream," YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

This comment..Tears of joy. Hats off to you, sir. :')

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Thank you. :)

astralvagan 20

That is one of the best comments I have ever seen!

brittanyrmh_ 12

Let's all just take a moment to appreciate 5's comment

"You have my sword" "and you have my bow" "And MY thumbs up"

Hahaha excellent comment!

purplmurpl 5

This is amazing plus your username is hilarious

One does not simply make an amazing comment.

wlddog 14

There shouldn't even be other comments after #5, because no one else is going to top it.

Epic comment, definitely one of the all time best.

Werken247 14

Definitely best comment ever! I'll be laughing all day! Thank you #5!

LemonLolly 10

You just made my day with your comment!

jenshu 5

Omg I love you

I added this FML to my favorites because of this comment. You sir, are a genius.

Inb4 a thousand likes

That was brilliant. :')

octaviamarieb 18

that is beautiful..

I understand that one is from 300 and the other is from Lord of the rings, but both are Epic Rap Battles of History references. :3

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

This is my proudest FML comment.

Hahhaha, your picture!

dswomi 12

Haha, yours

FYL. I still laughed tho.

After he was done spearing you?

Boyfriend: Oh yeah... I'm gonna.. -insert your own imagination here- OP: Madness... This is madness! Boyfriend: THIS.. IS.. SPARTA!!!!

Roguedork19 8

No, this is Patrick. O.o

154rct 7

SPARTANS! Tonight we dine in the Krusty Krab

CharresBarkrey 15

81 - What the fuck is "fuqq?" Can you really not say "fuck?" But you're okay with homonyms?