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So maybe start a new band? If they don't appreciate you then they don't deserve you.

Are you the drummer who kicked someone out for being ugly?


So maybe start a new band? If they don't appreciate you then they don't deserve you.

I feel like an epic solo career is in the works.

Titled: "The Outcast Chronicles"

3 out of 4 band members say that the fourth needs to go... Sorry OP, I hope a very bright solo career is in your future!

"I'll start a new band! And we'll have flapjacks!"

I wonder if they kicked him out because he didn't look good enough?

I'm betting they'll be asking for him back. Remember, the other band member already quit once. And if you started the band, did you chose the name. If so, the name of the band is yours. I don't know how well known your band is, or if you play gigs, but you could stick it to them by making them start fresh. They'll be a totally new band with no reputation.

Any man can stand proud with a group but only few are strong alone. Be one of the few, OP .

That's what happened with Megadeth and Metallica, in terms of someone getting kicked out and going on to become a huge success. The circumstances in which this happened, however...

Who are you... Scott Wiland?

It could be worse. The OP could've been told he was out by fax.

Was that a back to the future reference ?

Or Facebook.

I saw Stone Temple Pilot in concert three times. Twice with Scott Weiland, last with Chester Bennington (frontman from Linkin Park). He fit right in and I am pleased with the replacement but still miss Weiland's vocals that I'm so used to hearing.

I'm sorry I just can't get used to Chester as the new front man.. I am very unhappy with it... I know Scott had many chances to clean up his act and I understand the bands decision to replace him... But ChesTP will not grow on me

They must've just been waiting for an excuse to get rid of you if they agreed so readily with someone who shouldn't have any more sway in the band. Really sucks though, sorry mate.

How does that even work?

The guy who quit spoke to the other members, and made a more convincing argument for why he left, and why the others should follow HIM, instead of OP.

They probably asked the quitter why he quit. When he explained how he couldn't stand OP, the rest of them agreed. That's how I figure it went, anyway.

This exact thing happened to my husband. In his situation, the quitter convinced them that since my husband was in a relationship he'd be leaving soon anyway. The quitter also said he was the real 'talent' in the band; less than a month later he re-quit the band to do solo work. He was an ass.

Never give up on your dreams

Totally agree!

Go solo and make a name like Ralph Lauren polo.

scream "yolo" out of vain say they're insane and develop a new moto: "IMA make it rain like a hurricane when I get on stage with my new band yo" skip the rage turn the page a brand new phase might come slow though, but don't hesitate better late than never no?

Why was that guy still allowed to be around your band if he quit? The fuck? You have shitty band mates there. Go make a new band.

So someone quits the band and he has to automatically stop being friends with everyone else in the band? If the OP thought the same way I can see why they kicked him out.

Are you the drummer who kicked someone out for being ugly?

I feel like this is a fake FML referring to the FML that was published a few weeks ago..

Why would they value the opinion of someone who didn't care enough to stay anyway??

Im pretty sure op was such a fucking cunt that the rest of the band talked shit about it behind his back until one of them quit because of him. And then his friends all decided to kick op out instead cause they like the other guy.

And your band just welcomed him right back? That's a stupid decision. Hopefully they'll realize when he leaves again.

They didn't let him back in, they kicked OP out of the band on the opinion of a band member who left 2 weeks ago.

I'm not talking about OP....

I realize that."Him" was supposed to refer to the band member who quit. I just worded it badly. I was trying to say that OP was kicked out of his band out of the opinion of a band member who left.

That doesn't mean that they didn't let the other guy back in.

It doesn't say if the ex band member was let back in or not, so we can't really tell.