By Scaredafffff - 12/5/2021 14:03

Alexa, play "Charmless Man" by Blur

Today, I accidentally changed the radio station in my boyfriend’s car. He threw a humongous fit and started driving recklessly, almost causing an accident on several occasions. He then dropped me off at a stop sign and told me to, "walk home, you need to lose weight anyway, fat bitch." FML
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By  lukey101  |  21

Get rid of him!! How unstable is he to lose his mind over nothing, put your lives in danger, and the ditch you on the side of the road?? No matter who you are, you deserve better than that from your partner. Don't put up with that.

By  mike3775  |  33

This is a YDI if you come back and said he apologized and you are still dating, an FML if you come back and say you dumped his sorry ass. I don’t even let my 7 yr old throw hissy fits like that.

By  bleachedraven  |  14

Hell nah, someone with a hair trigger temper that risks lives doesn't deserve to drive! Hope he's an ex now.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

Yeah, but this was an accident. There was no need to throw a fit. Ask what happened, sure. Get a bit annoyed, especially if he likes the song, okay. But to throw a fit, drive dangerously, and kick her out of the car at a stop sign is abusive.