By baugy - 11/04/2012 02:19 - United States - Orlando

Today, while outside, a bug flew up my nose. After I told my family and friends about a faint vibrating in my upper nostril, they all convinced me I was paranoid. That was until that night when I blew my nose and there was the bug in my tissue. Its leg was still twitching. FML
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Kurochrome 17

Why didn't you blow your nose sooner?

JustMe876 0


JustMe876 0

You didn't try blowing your nose before then? I would have flipped shit if I figured I had a live bug in my nose...

You have to get those bugs out asap cause they lay eggs in ur brain. I know. Scary huh

southernbelle_rn 16

OP, I guess you've never seen the Animal Planet show "Monsters Inside Me" yet? It's referenced again a little further down...someone knows what I'm talking about!

xoconnie 8

Ew ew ew!!!!! that's so disgusting!!!! once a bug flew in my eye and it was basically swimming around my eyeball while i was trying to get it out! Eventually I did, and it flew away lmaaaoooo! but ur story is way worse, FYL

Thank you 84 for making me almost vomit due to picturing a bug swimming in someone's eyeball.

LaColombianita 26

I hate it when that happens! :/

takeapieandrun 9

The way you say that makes it seem like this is a regular occurrence for you...

kaoticllama 1

I do believe that is the joke.

Link5794 18

That's just bot flies, and they can lay their eggs anywhere in the body.

41- Your comment made me laugh almost as much as the FML.

jwally726 0

Finally a real FML. Not the normal 12 y/o "omg I tripped in front of this guy i liked for like a whole hour and I thought I was gonna die" ugh I want to punch the moderators who let those through

Pretty sure most of those don't go through... If you look at the recent FMLS you will see that in fact, very few are like that.

Should have just snorted it down. Insects are full of protein, you know.

And eggs which are ready to hatch inside if you...

This is probably a stupid question, but can the eggs really hatch in you? Wouldn't they just die? How terrifying. :(

QueenQuay77 10

I don't know but either way that's very disgusting. I'm totally grossed out just thinking about it

If you swallow it, the eggs would burn up in your stomache acid. No eggs, all the protien!

RamenForTheWin 10

Have you ever heard of the show "Monsters Inside of Me"? It's pretty damn terrifying.

OMG!! That's hilarious!! And really gross :/

I honestly do not know how you find that funny.

That is probably the most disgusting thing I've read all day.

Kurochrome 17

Why didn't you blow your nose sooner?

Urbanchiller 0

Because she liked the vibrating feeling in her nose. OP you just got nose ****** by a bug.. Giggity.

YOU LIKE HOMESTUCK TOO!! :D (that was completely irrelevant)

You know, a fly poops every time it lands... No biggy though!

Yeah no biggy, it may not even have been a fly.

The more you know! Cool fact. I didn't know that.

Most chocolate bars have 3 or more spider legs in them..

Ahh yes I knew that one thanks to bones. Haha. Great show by the way.

sinking_fish 12

18- I read this as I'm eating Easter chocolate. D:

It's not just spiders. It impossible to get rid of all the bugs during processing, so most if what you eat has bug bits in it. No biggie, you hardly notice them.

RedPillSucks 31
RamenForTheWin 10

Cereal also is allowed to have bug bits, because it is impossible for every bug to be eradicated from wheat. Also, the word "cereal" comes from "Ceres", the Roman goddess of agriculture.

tannarox 0

Cereal may contain up to 250 "insect limbs". ;D

Actually it barfs everywhere/every time it lands

EvilTeddysRock 2

Just hope it didn't lay eggs in your brain :S goodnight^-^

I'm more concerned about how it survived in your nose for that long.

Hour 15: It's very hot in here, I can hardly breathe anymore. I think I've lost 10lbs, I knew I should've never taken that stupid bet. I've been eating these weird green objects and they seem to be full of nutrients. Wait something is happening...I see a light.....

#13 - Bones is the funniest non-comedy show ever made. I've learned so many random facts from that show. R.I.P., Vincent Nigel Murrey!

I've actually never watched Bones but I hear it's a good show. Maybe I should start it.