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Today, my boyfriend and I were talking about what we want to be when we grow up. He said he wanted to be a bartender, and single. FML
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Lucky for you, guys never really grow up.

I'd be such an alcoholic if I dated a bartender.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd then you dumped him right ??

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we have that "dump him" comment that has almost become a ritual on FML....

while this may be true of being set in stone it's kinda a have to now. like a magic trick, *poof she made all your dreams come true...or just the one.*

Lucky for you, guys never really grow up.

It's also for the most part true. however, it's the type of people that don't grow up. not the gender. so as to say, some people got that growing up shit down. some people would much rather drink and smoke pot thier whole life and thats okay too. but its not growing up really. this man clearly belongs to the latter type of people who do not

#22 How the hell can you tell that "This man clearly belong to the latter type of person" If the only thing you know about him are: 1. He is male 2. He wants to be a bartender 3. He has a slight sense of humour.

Some men's toys just get bigger and some men grow up.

People don't usually want to be a bartender when they plan to grow up? it's the dream job for someone who wants to get women and have discounted alcohol. it's an overall fun job. and in my opinion. I don't like the people who "grow up" who the hell wants to be near an accountant?

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Well he's gonna go far in life...

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You can help him out with that by dumping his ass.

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You can grant him his second wish right now.

I'd be such an alcoholic if I dated a bartender.

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Everyone here is saying that OP should dump him... I think that's his way of dumping OP. He just made it a lot easier.

haha im more impressed that this shit made it through moderation