By emih - 21/02/2010 08:32 - United States

Today, my boyfriend came to my workplace and presented me with a lock of his hair. His pubic hair that he'd just cut. FML
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Damn he had that much to make a "lock of hair" eeeeewwww nasty!


Horney4her69 0

what's not right? it's love for him to give so unselfishly. or maybe it's just gross.

Melkezidech 0

He braved the perils of a razorblade near his testicles for you, and you're bitching about it?

WonderCut 0

holy crap. I was eating while reading this. I think I gotta barf.

Jrook 0

ugh I was eating hair when I read this. I'm going to barf too

zebra_pillow 0

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww freaking nasty

atleast he didn't cut himself.... lol jkjkjkjk

Damn he had that much to make a "lock of hair" eeeeewwww nasty!

Averizzle 0

Idk about you but pubes can get pretty long and wild..

Sorry Averizzle, gotta go with Girl here. That is a bit much. But then, maybe OP asked him to trim it for that very reason and that's why he cut it and presented it to her. "Honey, I put sharp objects by my balls for you."

jack8765 0

he had THAT MUCH pubic hair!!?? are you dating Bigfoot?????

aqua0612 0

dump him now.. this is the worst thing I have ever heard... and at work? if you have any respect for yourself you will dump him and/or get him the mental help he needs

Eeew you should make someone wax that harry bush. That's just gross did you use it as a wig too?

At least his bush is no more...or so you'd hope.