By batgirl - 20/11/2008 12:55 - France

Today, I get to see my boyfriend again after a month. So I decided to shave my pubic hair in the shape of a heart. After my little striptease, he gasped in admiration "Aaaw, Batman sign!" FML
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there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!

...and he ran off to get his costume... :)


...and he ran off to get his costume... :)

... which was nothing more than a cape and a mask... did you also do it in the batmobile?

And the entire time he was singing "NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH . . ."

there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!

^agreed!! how fml????? and yes I'm female and batman rocks xD

I voted YDI because why would you expect anything different? :P

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Seriously, that's great! Now you can call him and say "This is commissioner Gordon..." and he'll know exactly what you mean!

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haha that is cute of him to say, soo so funny i would probably laugh hysterically if my boyfriend said that.

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hahaha aww.. its funny, the guy i used to really like would flip if i had shaved in the Bat symbol...he would love it. lol

I've heard of public art...but pubic art...thats sumthing special XD

I need my woman to do the same thing! O_O

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Hey, at least he appreciated it, even if he didn't get what it was intended to be! Nothing wrong with that at all, really - I can't imagine it's all that easy to properly shave an image into that region.