By gnownayrgnow - 08/05/2011 05:05 - United States

Today, I decided to be extra nice to my girlfriend by washing all the dishes and folding all the clothes. She thought I was being "too nice" and hypothesized that I was cheating on her. FML
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As we always say, if she left you just like that she didn't really love you, so that's better that way


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Well were you cheating?!? haha

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that's what you get for being nice

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Maybe SHE was the one definitely don't want to be with her if she's going to get mad over something so stupid...

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I agree 26, maybe OPs girlfriend was cheating and was looking for a way out of the relationship. if not, then your girlfriend is a female dog.

maybe she'd have been happier if he shat on her, ungrateful ****

I have read on multiple sites that if men are too nice, you should be suspicious of cheating. Now that is just so stupid and horrible, but I guess some women refuse to trust men. If my boyfriend did all of that I would be wondering what he wants from me, aha.

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I agree with 58, I mean if OP is just being nice to his gf out of random, anyone would be suspicious.

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I don't get that about women. They always say to "do something nice" or they like to be "pleasantly surprised" once in awhile, then when it happens, "oh shit he must be trying to hide something!". WTF lady?? What do you want?

hahaha i so totally agree. and i'm female. hahah..

You must be a ******* asshole if folding clothes is something so strange and out of the ordinary for you that you lose your girlfriend over it. So for that I say YDI.

ydi sure she over reacted but how much do you not help her around the house?

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She's probably just used to being abused by her "gangster" ex(s)!

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um not all guys i have a bf whos not cheating on me and proposed to me today maybe OPs girlfriend was cheating on him and wanted a way out without hurting him well she failed at that but some boys do not cheat and i dooubt that he was my fiance always does that kind of stuff for me so dont assume things ydi

#8 i laugh everyyyy time i see dat picture with da caption lmfao

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That's pure evil of her ! U deserve better -.-

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134 - Just because your boyfriend proposed to you doesn't mean that he's not cheating on you.. Don't be so naive.

not all guys are asshole jerks there ARE nice guys out there

As we always say, if she left you just like that she didn't really love you, so that's better that way

possibly. sounds like this was just any excuse for her to leave.

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quassar55 your picture looks like that guy from the YouTube account makemebad36


but he looks like makemebad36

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I don't know, if him helping her out around the house is so rare that she thinks he's cheating on her, maybe she should break it off...

Now it's time to go back in and throw all the clothes everywhere and leave!

You only hypothesize with the intent to test the hypothesis. I assume you meant she "assumed" that you're cheating on her.

yes it matters hypothesis are ment to be tested assumptions are not

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She did test her hypothesis. His reaction as she left gave her a clear answer to her hypothesis. She is however still off to her new source of penis' house for mothers day dinner and better loving. A woman will never leave in a hurry if she doesn't have someone else to go to.

4 - that's a serious burn you got there!

4 - Marinus, I didn't know you were Dutch. Spreekt u het Nederlands? 85 - That's a tan. Most burns are red.

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smart guy. ;) love ur comments

goddamnit man really did you have actually state that. couldn't you assume everyone new what he was talking about.

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haha 118- I love your comment

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that's the first thing I thought too. too many science classes

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sounds like she was just looking for an excuse. sorry.

or she was cheating and felt guilty

or she was cheating and felt guilty

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yup. whatever it is it ain't cool

Either be always nasty or always nice, otherwise a girl will get suspicious.

See this here is a prime example of why when women start the work in a relationship just let them keep doing it while you make empty the fridge and make the ass dent in the couch bigger..... and yes bring on the sexist comments I know they're coming.

why were you in the kitchen?! that's her job!

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Wow, I haven't heard that one before.

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9- I'll forgive for stealing that pic idea from me, in the end I got a better one!

let's have babies...or practice the art of doing so

sounds like she was looking for an excuse to break up. sorry op

You must be a dixk all the time if doing two little chores causes her to get suspicious. Either that or she's crazy and you're better off without her.

*dick Though I might start writing dixk from now in because it made me laugh.

i enjoy saying it aloud. "HEY, MAN, YOU'RE A DIXK!" try it! |the kid|