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Roommates from hell

Today, I have to choose between getting a cellphone contract that I need, or a TV that I don't even want, but which my flatmates insist I contribute towards. The same flatmates who eat all my food. This increased grocery bill has left me unable to afford either the phone or TV. FML
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  rldostie  |  19

Tell them you already contributed to the TV by covering their grocery bill in the past. If they refuse, don't buy groceries anymore, and find a way to feed just yourself. In the end, if they want a flat screen, that's their prerogative. They can just keep it when they move or you move out. It's not like you're going to split the tv how ever many ways when you all go your separate ways, so it makes no sense to split the cost. Don't give in!


Yeah, you're right. One person should buy the TV (or find one somewhere, like getting one from a friend or family member). Then when they move out, they'll take the TV with them. Then everyone that watches TV can just split the cable bill.

  graham11  |  14

44- some people just don't have hope on FML. And commenting isn't exactly a skill that comes naturally to people. Especially the ones under the age of 15.

  stephissilly  |  18

yes, they did. however they did not include the apostrophe which is what i indicated. youre doesn't mean shit. you're means 'you are' i'll stay in highschool whilst you look into going back. xoxo

  Messi10Barca  |  0

you guys are pathetic for bombarding a fellow user with comments that do no good fpr anyone. Bragging about how he/she misspelled a word or how lame he/she's commenting is stupid and immature. who cares if everything you comment isnt a stroke of genius.

  iamesauce  |  4

But seriously, they "insist" he contribute to? Grow some balls, OP.... pay your phone bill, and tell them to buy their own goddammed food and throw their TV out a window.