By bluebelle - 19/10/2015 11:10 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend brought me a bunny for a house present for moving into our first house. She escaped her cage and bit through the electrical wires, cutting out all our power and electrocuting and killing herself. FML
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The bunny discovered that electricity is quite shocking

Poor little bunny :(


Poor little bunny :(

MasterTron 24

I guess we know who is not going to be the next energizer bunny

It seems to me like we just found out.

I'm sorry, that's hare-ible.

Wish I could say the same about your pun!

But it is.....

would t-rabbit-sty work better? Its a stretch I know

heftysmash253 6

Maybe it's in-hare-ably tragic, just like #2's attempt.

This is extremely saddening

nityasomaiya 46

Are you sure it escaped...and nothing else? o_O

Op I hope you didn't get attached to that bunny really fast because I remember gerbils doing the same.

Welsh rarebit pairs wonderfully with a nice burgundy.

There's a button for that.

That bunny was a sleeper cell

well i hink ive done enogh reafing for one day....

Done enough reefer for one day, maybe.

Time to work on spelling! (:

The bunny discovered that electricity is quite shocking

This is not the time for puns

Jesus that was savage

Very savage but amazing all the same.

Aaaand now I'm depressed for the rest of the day.

Time to go watch Bambi and Old Yeller.

And Fox and the Hound.

And read Hachiko and Where the Red Fern Grows for good measure.

I'm sorry, OP. This happened to me once. The wires just looked so tasty…