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actually, a cat leaving a hunted animal as a present for the owner is a sign of respect from the cat. it was trying to impress the OP as it would one of it's own kind. so you're an idiot for thinking the cat has 'psycological problems'. grow up.

  ayeitsmerr  |  0

"bloody bunnies smeared across the groouunnd!"
I love HORSE the band...
I swear there's a song for every word out there these days.
but fyl, that sucks.:/.

  whitetrashed  |  10

a) ydi for having a cat? wtf? get a life b) psychological problems? theyre born killers, like lots of other animals. besides im sure youve eaten some animal before, so are you psychologically disturbed as well? c) a serial killer? see point b. d) your an ass :P

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

91 appears to be the only one here with the slightest ounce of intelligence. How can you not know that cats want their owners to feel proud that their companion is such a good hunter and can bring home food for them. When they do that, scold them a bit if they left it on your bed or somewhere that can't have all those germs but praise them for bringing in kill. That keeps the cat happy.

By  perdix  |  29

YCDI (Your cat deserved it) for being a trans-species, pedophiliac, necrophiliac skull-fucker. Why you let such a weirdo into your house, I'll never understand!

  Bobby64  |  29

I love how FMLs about cats always get crappy comments like, "YDI for owning a cat!", but FMLs about dogs never get, "YDI for owning a dog!" >_>

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

... Cats do that. They bring dead animals as gifts. My cat Linus always did. Hell he caught birds while he was on his yard leash(we lived in the city in an apartment, and he needed to get outside somehow) and would leave them on our dressers or beds.