By Lifes_a_bust - 08/08/2010 16:22 - United States

Today, my cat died. But, before he could bite the dust, he left a goodbye present on my bed: a decapitated baby rabbit. FML
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dudeitsdanny 9

A farewell gift? Sad that you almost seem more concerned about the decapitated rabbit gift than your cat dying =(

xFalzz 0

Cats do that to show their loyalty. So, he was actually giving you one last thanks for caring for him.


dudeitsdanny 9

A farewell gift? Sad that you almost seem more concerned about the decapitated rabbit gift than your cat dying =(

Decapitated roast rabbit.. yum

i'm glad the cat died. baby rabbit is (was) a being too...

eazyeeze 0

Did you keep a foot for good luck?

I meant rabbit. (silly me)

Ydi for having a cat. ydi for having a cat with psychological problems. ydi for having a cat who is a serial rabbit killer lol

it's funny because your dead cat put a dead rabbit on your bed as a going away gift

I think your cat just wanted to let you know how he felt about you


Shookitup 0

awh poor kitty :(

missvee98324 0

its not the cats fault the rabbit died. he probably thought ot was a toy because they do that with mice too.not purposely though.and the rabbit couldve had rabies

GothKitty19 0

Awe that's sweet

quent10 0

take this to remember me by...

YDI fir having a cat .. and all be wanted ou is to have his chew toy you bastard

silly rabbit, we told u tricks r for kids.

changetheworld 0

aww, how cute.

astarwarsfan 0

the pussy left a hare

I feel so proud... I modded this like two hours ago:) OP- That's nasty. Haha

FunnyWeasel 7

oh that is so sad........a baby rabbit! those are so cute.

eggjuggler 0

I think that's sweet... Kitty was just wishing you good luck in his absence by giving 4 rabbit's feet. =)

Melaniee_fml 0

awh how sweet :)

4- that pic looks like Miley Cyrus

changetheworld 0


aaliyahsagirah 5

actually, a cat leaving a hunted animal as a present for the owner is a sign of respect from the cat. it was trying to impress the OP as it would one of it's own kind. so you're an idiot for thinking the cat has 'psycological problems'. grow up.

elizzcbs13 0

awww poor kitty. =( don't you care that your cat died? just wash your sheets!

this isn't nearly as gross as the time todd packer left a gift for michael scott

fatguy805 0

cats are lame

what a considerate cat; it's the thought that counts!

YDI for having a bed. 109 - it probably wasn't as smelly as the package either.

would have been great if you walked in eating a bowl of TRIX and sad "silly rabbit trix are for kids"

you shall cherish it forever.

lmao!!!! win!!!!

He didn't want you to be petless, but got hungry on the way in

he probably ate the head and choked

That is... Awesome. B-B-Q?

story of my life. >< i kid. |the kid|

ayeitsmerr 0

"bloody bunnies smeared across the groouunnd!" I love HORSE the band... I swear there's a song for every word out there these days. but fyl, that sucks.:/.

a) ydi for having a cat? wtf? get a life b) psychological problems? theyre born killers, like lots of other animals. besides im sure youve eaten some animal before, so are you psychologically disturbed as well? c) a serial killer? see point b. d) your an ass :P

Ninjasaurus18 9

91 appears to be the only one here with the slightest ounce of intelligence. How can you not know that cats want their owners to feel proud that their companion is such a good hunter and can bring home food for them. When they do that, scold them a bit if they left it on your bed or somewhere that can't have all those germs but praise them for bringing in kill. That keeps the cat happy.

KelceyLoves 0

He thought you'd be hungry.

Barrientos432 5

Awww he loved you! :P Dead pussy is bad pussy..

not always...

Mumbellosity711 0

yelwarc. does that mean you fuck dead cats?

FunnyWeasel 7

that's true when you have necrophilia.

Barrientos432 5


it's a weird feeling knowing that you are alive while inside something dead

oneforme 0


78 - like clothing? or cars?

78: is there something you'd like to tell us all? or are you just pulling our leg(s)? |the kid|

no bro I really fuck cats lol awe I love fucking with people :)

Yelwarc - you're one sick SOB I'd hide that profile pic, doesn't do you good when you post shit like that!

xFalzz 0

Cats do that to show their loyalty. So, he was actually giving you one last thanks for caring for him.

perdix 29

YCDI (Your cat deserved it) for being a trans-species, pedophiliac, necrophiliac skull-fucker. Why you let such a weirdo into your house, I'll never understand!

don't judge perdix he is always right :P and yeah fyl op

perdix isn't always right.. everything he says is an opinion..

perdix 29

No, Sarah, sometimes I state facts. Lots of times, I just make 'em up, too.

I love how FMLs about cats always get crappy comments like, "YDI for owning a cat!", but FMLs about dogs never get, "YDI for owning a dog!" >_>

Ninjasaurus18 9

... Cats do that. They bring dead animals as gifts. My cat Linus always did. Hell he caught birds while he was on his yard leash(we lived in the city in an apartment, and he needed to get outside somehow) and would leave them on our dressers or beds.

I'd like to see you doing stand up perdix. NOT!

bellatrix0805 2

That's horrible

well cats dont like flowers, it was a gift in his eyes.

lizzilla8297 2


KelceyLoves 0

Wots "taters" precious? Stupid, fat hobbitses..

shibainu519 0

decided to show it to you aHEAD of time!

HeyyImPhuong 0

That's Sad. And Cute